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HYPERWRITE Free AI Writer Review

HYPERWRITE Free AI Writer Review

HyperWrite AI tool generates sentences and paragraphs for you

HYPERWRITE Free AI Writer Review

This content is original and not scraped from the internet. It also appears to be mostly factually correct. HyperWrite can write knowledgeably about most topics.

✔ New Free AI Writer – Lazy Way to Create Content

Nov 5, 2021
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HYPERWRITE Free AI Writer Review


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hi in this video i’m going to be showing
you a free ai rider
that can be used without needing to
you know jump to a lot of hoops
as well as i’m going to show you how you
can use the content that it generates in
different ways so make sure you watch
all the way through i’m vince from did
you know man institute and let’s get
the ai writer i’m about to talk about is
called hyper write
and it’s new to me this may have been
out for a while but i just discovered it
and i’m always trying to show you and
share my tools because i know you know
there’s a lot of expensive tools out
there and people trying to get you to
spend money but i want to show you free
so you can get started and hyper
hyperwrite once you sign up this is what
the dashboard looks like
and you can go ahead and click on new
you can go ahead and click on either a
blank document where you just start
writing and it’ll autofill for you or
you can go with a guided document which
is uh it’ll walk you through the steps
of the writing process i’m just gonna go
with the blank document to make it
all right and then from there you choose
your purpose whether it’s for school
work entertainment or others
i’m gonna choose work
all right
and then lastly you’re going to give
details and it says what are your
instructions for writing this document
if any
they gave an example okay write a three
to five paragraph essay on the state of
global warming include effects it is
having now
and how that will change in the future
let me let me do something like that i’m
going to say write
three to five paragraph
way three ways
to drive traffic
your website
okay so
then i’m gonna say include
unique ways
all right including unique methods and
now i’m just going to click continue and
then we go to style
you can add it in i don’t have one
so i’m just gonna go to doc
now you can either pick sentence or
paragraph paragraph is a paid option
okay so you have to upgrade i’ll show
you what that looks like
but you can go to sentence let’s try
sentence out all right so non-fiction
or fiction and then enter the
description of what you’re writing
are many ways
generate traffic
to your
no comma
but i would
but this article
will show you how
to do it for free
all right and then save
let’s go to sentence
all right so now you can see at the
bottom there are several different
options right there are many ways to
generate traffic to your website comma
but this article will show you how to do
okay so you want to generate traffic to
your website there are many ways to do
this comma
free traffic is the most desirable
traffic you can drive to your website it
is free because you are all right so i’m
going to say
let’s go to the second option
and then it goes on auto generates
another bunch right so
but some are more effective than others
what follows is a short list of free
ways to drive traffic
uh but this article will show you a
couple of free ways to drive traffic to
your website these methods
but this article will show you how to do
it for free i’m gonna go with this
second one
all right and then wait till it
generates three more
so far the options are pretty good uh
compared to the other free ones all
right so
i’ll say
uh maybe a copy checker
other languages
and how do you define us
all right so let’s finish that survey
real quick
uh let’s see these methods are free are
going to get you huge aren’t going to
get you huge amounts of traffic but they
will get you to your
i’m going to try with this one
now as i was saying earlier uh this is a
lot better than some of the other free
ai writing tools that i use all right
and as you
as you select it it auto-populates it
for you okay within the document that’s
the neat thing i like about it too
um okay so get you to your website and
even if you don’t use them you can still
use the information and
with the minimum amount of effort so
let’s take a look at a few all right
let’s try this one
i’m just gonna keep going for a little
bit more maybe one more and then i’m
gonna i want you to check the red so
let’s take a look at a few ways you can
drive traffic to your website
all right i’ma stop
because i think you get the idea
i’m gonna copy this
just uh right click and copy
and i’m gonna go check to see
how well it does through a third party
sister system called grammarly how well
does it read and how well is it you know
okay give me a sec
all right and i’m going to use grammarly
premium to go ahead and check this so
that way you get a feel i guess a a
rough feel of how well
um you know how how
how good the quality is okay so i’m just
going to leave it as uh
as this and click done
all right and as you can see without any
editing it scores about an 88
it has decent looking correctness
clarity is good it says a little bit
brand so the engagement is a little bit
low delivery is just right and style is
now let me go ahead and check plagiarism
because that’s important as well
and we’ll see how unique this article is
compared to what’s out there on the
and it says basically this is um you
know only 11 of this text matches one
source okay so all in all it’s it’s not
too bad only 11
a lot of these you know
what they had in the past was article
spinners used to give something like 50
uniqueness score and that was considered
decent or if it was if it was to get to
this stage at only like 10 or 11 uh
sorry only nine if it was 90 uniqueness
like this one is or 89 uniqueness like
like this article is
then it would be unreadable if it was a
spinner but this is an ai writer and
it’s absolutely free so as you can see
excuse me
uh you know it’s pretty decent quality
for what you can get for free now as a
bonus let me show you
what you can do with something like this
now yeah you could use this an article
but if you you know tweak it a little
bit you can also use it as something
now if i go to this free
tool which is quite good it’s called
watson by ibm you can go ahead and
paste your text into here
you can change a few settings if you
like but let me see
i’m gonna try lisa
and i’m gonna go ahead and play the
okay so you want to generate traffic to
your website there are many ways to do
this but this article will show you a
couple of free ways to drive traffic to
your website these methods are going to
give you huge amounts of traffic but
they will get you to your website with a
minimal amount of effort so let’s take a
look at a few ways you can drive traffic
to your website
okay so as you can see the quality of
this text-to-speech is is the most
realistic i’ve you know ever seen you
know whether it’s paid or free
uh whether i’m comparing it to you know
poly i’m comparing it to google voice
this is quite amazing so what you can do
is you can take
take this audio now okay that’s produced
and you can go ahead and
pair it with a slide and now you have
yourself a video alright so that’s one
way to do it and if you want to know how
to use watson
and how to you know download the audio
there’s another video and down below
i’ll link down below and i will uh list
an article that has all the links for
everything i talked about and
instructions on how to use it for those
who like to read everything alright so
if this video was helpful could you
please hit that like button as it would
mean the world to me thank you so much
for watching and i’ll see you next video