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How To Write A Blog Post Secret Method

How To Write A Blog Post Secret Method

How To Write A Blog Post Secret Method

Adam Enfroy Explains What Works Best

We have reviewed lots of Affiliate Marketing Gurus and are happy to report that Adam Enfroy is one of best.

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How to Write a Blog Post | The Secret Blog Post Formula (for Traffic & Revenue)

Nov 10, 2021

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Watch my free blogging masterclass ➜… In this video, I show you exactly how to write a blog post that ACTUALLY ranks on Google and gets targeted traffic to your website. This video is for you even if you are an experienced blogger or a soaking wet beginner to blogging. Plus, we cover the latest AI tools and how to trick the algorithms in your favor. Want to check out the tools used in this video? Jarvis ➜… Grammarly ➜… SurferSEO ➜… 💻 500k monthly readers at my blog – PS: Some of the links in this description are affiliate links that I get a kickback from if you decide to purchase a paid plan. 😜

How To Write A Blog Post Secret Method


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hey there adam here in today’s video

we’re going to cover exactly how to

write a blog post from scratch and how

to optimize your blog post to get more

traffic to your website so if you look

at my website you’ll see

that a lot of posts are formatted

exactly the same way and that’s for a

reason you know this exact formula has

brought me millions of readers to my new

blog that i just started in 2019 and

ultimately writing blog posts is more of

an exact science than an art and it’s

something you can master pretty easily

so by the end of this video you’ll know

exactly what it takes to format

structure and write a very good blog

post and how to use the latest ai tools

to get you more traffic and hopefully

more money to your website but before we

get started i want to invite you to

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to do is click the link in the

description and you’ll get access to my

free blogging masterclass so before we

get started click the link below and

register for free now and let’s get into

the topic for today

here’s the truth when it comes to

writing blog posts people don’t actually

read blog posts they just skim them

think about when you look for

information online how to lose weight

how to make money online best credit

cards are you really reading every

single word of that article no you’re

going to be skimming that article so the

really important part is getting the key

components and structure of this post

right with the right keywords in the

right places so this is more of a

science than an art here’s another truth

you don’t have to be the next ernest

hemingway and start with a blank page

when writing a blog post there are a ton

of different you know software and ai

tools that you can use to make writing a

whole lot easier so first let’s get into

the components of a blog post and what

makes up a blog post

right here i googled webinar software

which is an article that i rank number

one for

so if we go to the article and we click

on it we can see that this article is

the 21 best webinar software of 2021

tools ranked and reviewed so we’ll

notice that first of all we have to know

that one blog post is targeting one

specific target keyword in this case

we’re going after webinar software that

is the main focus of this post and

you’ll see we need to find where is

that keyword in this post and what are

the important areas so first we’ll see

it’s in the url itself itself best

webinar software

it’s also in the title 21 best webinar

software it’s in the intro using webinar



you know i have a video here then it’s

also in the first h2 heading what is the

best webinar software there’s a list of

the different

companies and then we get down what is

webinar software

so we’ll see that you know and then

webinar software a summary and that’s it

we have an intro we have a list of the

best we have what it is and then we have

a summary and we’ll see that the term

webinar software is used throughout that

entire article

so really we’re targeting a keyword

first we have to be strategic in our

blog posts we can’t just write from a

blank page and not keep keyword research

in mind it’s the most important part so

you do your keyword research you find

the keyword you want to target then when

you’re writing your blog posts we

structure it first we don’t want to

start from a blank page we want to have

a clear format because in these types of

monetizable blog posts that can make you

money there’s a clear and direct way to

create them so first let’s start with

the title

21 best webinar software of 2021.

21 is kind of a weird number why did i

use it well it turns out that odd

numbers get higher click-through rates

than even numbers i don’t necessarily

know why i think the human eye thinks

it’s a little bit interesting so you

might see things like the 17 best or the

seven best or the 15 best

start to notice that when you google

different things you might find that odd

numbers are used more frequently so the


way to write a good title is this format

this doesn’t matter if it’s necessarily

a how-to post you know how to start a

blog things like that or a list post

like this

the world

runs on lists people love lists there’s

grocery lists there’s lists of things

you have to do there’s lists of steps in

directions we love lists people click on

lists so lists should be one of your

main blog post title formats and the way

to do that is number

plus a superlative like best or top or

something like that then your target

keyword webinar software and then what i

call search intent trigger words so

these you’ll find if you google it and

look at the competition what extra stuff

is added what extra stuff will make

people click so in this case a lot of

blog post titles need the year and then

also some extra words to help people

understand the meaning behind the search

intent of that keyword so you put it in

the title

next introductions for blog posts are

you know they’re pretty simple you want

to tease what’s going to be in the blog


create simple clear short paragraphs

with broken up text

you’ll see that i have some bold text

here where we have a paragraph and then

it says the devil is in the details and

then there’s a bulleted list of

questions things to think about

based on people’s attention spans i also

have recently just started creating some

videos where it’s like want to jump

right to our top picks here’s a video

showing you the top picks


short to the point

all about what’s going to come in the

article you can actually write the intro

last because sometimes you don’t know

exactly what’s going to be in the

article yet

so don’t overthink the intro

what’s important though is h2 headings


when we talk about the title that’s an


now when we talk about the most

important the next most important thing

besides the title is the h2s so h2s h1

is like the top hierarchy of headings h2

is the second most important h2 is

structuring and telling google and

search engines what is the most

important parts of this article

it’s more important than just random

paragraph text it’s the h2 so in that

we’re also going back to our target

keyword what is the best webinar

software you put this in the form of a

sentence and you ask a question

including your target keyword what is

the best webinar software

very simple straight to the point then

you’ll see that the numbers the answers

number one live storm number two

demio the answers are h3s

so it’s

h2’s question h3 is the answers to that

question and that helps google


what’s going on in this article and

what’s most important so it can pull it

into the search results easier for

example if you’re doing a how-to post

you can do the same thing here’s step

one step two step three

so you could say something like

how to start a blog is your h2

h3 is step one get web hosting or

something like that so the h2s and h3s

there’s you know there’s a pretty good

science to this where you want them to

be very organized and you’ll see that a

lot of these sections are also pretty

much the same and can be replicated we

have key features we have some

introductory text we have pricing and we

have a call to action

you’ll see that i’ve also enticed users

with a

coupon that i got to get them to click

this affiliate link

but it’s pretty much a standard format


in these types of best of list posts or

how-to posts which pretty much covers

all blog posts you’d want to write

you have your title

your introduction with your keyword in

it your h2s and your h3s

so that’s really the main part of the

blog post yes you have your url that you

want to include it in maybe you put it

in the meta description but those are

the main areas so that’s mainly the

structure using h2s and h3s to help

google and search engines understand and

rank your content

so then the question is what do i

actually write what do i how do i fill

in the gaps what words do i actually use

in the blog post well here we’re going

to quickly show you three

ai tools that can help you write

way better than you might be able to on

your own the first one is grammarly so i

have grammarly here let me reload this


but grammarly this is like an old

article of mine on domain registrars and

you’ll see that i pasted it in and

grammarly is a great grammar tool and

they’ll help you with all of your

sentence structure your grammatical

errors punctuation all of that so you

start writing and you can see that for

example i put wordpress in here with a

lowercase p

so i click on that red line and now it’s

going to say spelling error wordpress

needs a capital p so i change it

so this gives you all kinds of different


and tells you about sentence structure

you know errors web hosting providers i

needed an s on there all of these

different things that help you write

better and it’ll say you know sentence

things are uh

you know sentence structure is wrong

this is a sentence fragment this needs

to be shortened this really helps your

writing style over time because you

start to see the patterns in your


and you start to notice things that you

do a lot maybe you use a lot of passive

voice so grammarly

there’s a free version of grammarly it’s

a great tool that you can use to help

your writing and it gives you scores you

want to get your score up to like a 95

or a 99 so that it’s a high quality post

you don’t have to worry about being a

good writer if you have these this tool

another one when you’re writing is

called surfer seo surfer seo is an seo

or search engine optimization tool that

literally tells you what keywords need

to be in the blog post so here’s one of

mine in surfer it’s the 13 plus best

remote desktop software and access tools

of 2021 now look at this

i pasted this one and this gives me an

exact score for this blog post and it

tells me literally how many times i need

to use each of these keywords throughout

the article a lot of these ai tools what

they do is


take you know the top 30 or the top 50


posts on google put them through this ai

software and see

patterns in what’s ranking and what’s

good and then give you the common

keywords that you need to include and

how many times to use them so you’ll see


in here you need to like all these

different semantic keywords are

important for blog posts as well so yes

the target keyword is

remote desktop software but in that

google expects to see things like file

transfer remote pc remote support remote

machine remote access software windows


remember search engines are scanning

pages they can’t see images they’re just

reading every word on the page

so they should expect to see

quality and clarity and all these

different semantically related words in

a blog post so you need to include them

and by including them it just increases

your score in this seo tool

you can put them in the article and it

really helps just get all the right

keywords in the right places so you’ll

see that for the most part when you’re

writing a blog post

the main target keyword needs to be in

there five to ten times or so you don’t

want to overstuff these keywords but you

also need these

semantically related keywords

and a tool like surfer helps you do that

the final tool that we’re going to show

in writing a blog post is one called

jarvis and this is an ai

writing tool and it writes for you so

here is an example i did of best webinar


and i was thinking about okay you put in

the title into jarvis you put in a

little brief description you can put in

your tone of voice like joe rogan here

put in your keywords and then

put output length and it will literally

write for you so i wrote something like

okay i need an intro so i’m gonna say

webinars are an effective way

too and then i’m just gonna say

go for it compose and what does it come

up with

well it says right here webinars are an

effective way to connect with potential

customers and promote products or

services they work particularly well for

web-based businesses that may only need

web hosting web design web development

et cetera the quality of your webinar

software directly affects the success of

your webinar series so it’s important to

choose one that will help you achieve

maximum results we’ve done our research

and reviewed what we deemed to be the

best webinar software in 2021

the article provides information about

each product including its pros and cons

along with a comparison table at the end

we hope this makes yada yada look at all


i wrote five words and ai tools are

already writing this stuff for me so

back in 2019 when i first started my

blog i was writing every single blog

post myself word for word formatting it

like i showed you but i was writing

everything myself today i have a writing

team i use these types of tools and it

just is a big time saver when writing

blog posts because we know that the

average blog post might take five to six

hours if you read it yourself but with

using a tool like jarvis to create quick

sentences for you a tool like surfer to

tell you which seo keywords to use and

grammarly to perfect your punctuation

mixed with the right structure you will

have the ideal blog post format that can

start ranking on search engines so

that’s it for this video i hope you

enjoyed it

before we end here i just want to remind

you about the free blogging master class

so if you click the link in the

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all this kind of information there’s

an hour and a half of free content a lot

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affiliate marketing strategies link

building how it all works together how

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