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Start Home Business


Tips for Small Business Owners

Start Home Business
Working From Home

Employment Options Bad or Non-Existent?

At this point in time, with the economy in dismal shape, high unemployment with many layoffs, and no improvement in sight in the near future, more people than ever are opting out of the corporate world to start their own business.

As of second quarter 2013 many businesses have been forced to cut many employees to part time in order to try to survive the onset of the roll-out of ObamaCare.


If this affects you, maybe you might want to look at starting a part time home business.

Home Business – Unemployment Solution

Many families of retirement age find their retirement nest egg reduced by 1/2 as a result of the stock market meltdown and decline in real estate values. As a result they now find that they must continue working.

Start Your Home Business

For many, starting a home business is the best and most expedient solution to this dilemma; and, in fact, many successful small to mid- sized businesses first started out as home businesses.

Starting at home makes good sense as the start-up costs are so much less than opening a public location.

 Tax Benefits Of Working At Home

Of course many home based businesses also have a tax savings angle; however, real caution must be taken here.

See Business or Hobby? – IRS 

Home BusinessTax Benefits of Working At Home

Is Start Home Business For You?

A home business is not for everyone. In a number of surveys, making a lot of money was found to be just a small element, with having greater control of one’s life being a larger motivation. No matter what the reasons for considering a start up home business,
there are some factors that need serious thought and some research.

First you must decide if a home business is really for you. We will try to give you some help in making this decision with the following:

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 Start Home Business
Create a local presence wherever you want to do business. Get a local phone number.