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Small Business Resource

 Full Small Business Information Resource

Diversified Business Online provides a full small business information resource in one location; however, perhaps the greatest value of this site is derived from the almost daily updates on changes in  the current business environment and government policies affecting small business.

Tough Times For Small Business

At this point in time, when this website is published (Jan 2010), the small business community is struggling just to survive. Every tool, every resource is necessary just to make it through until the economy turns around. All this with no help from the federal government. In fact, in some areas, it seems the federal government is acting as an impediment.

Update Sept 2013 – The Obama Administration as well as The Main Stream Media (ABC,NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC ETC.) are all assuring us that it’s all behind us and everything is rosy.

If you’ve been paying any attention at all you have seen that absolutely nothing has been done by the Federal Government to help the Small Business Community.

In fact just the opposite is true. The Obama Administration has imposed tons of new regulations to make it almost impossible to stay in business. On top of this you’ve got the roll-out of Obamacare, the biggest burden ever imposed on small business.

You will find that many of the ideas and tools presented on this website may not necessarily be mainstream, but instead will tend to be somewhat contrarian, and may not be “politically correct”.

We have done our very best to provide you with an online, small business information resource all in one location. Our goal is to provide many ideas and tools to allow you to do as much as possible on your own, thereby forgoing the expense of hiring it out.

Start Your Small Business

If you are an entrepreneur just thinking about starting your own business; then you will find many things to help you get started.

Improve Your Small Business

If you have a fully operational small to medium sized business; then you will find many helpful resources for improving and growing your business.

The site will continue to grow and expand with all of the following: business directories,  elements of startup business procedures, small business consulting, B2B service search directories, and much more.

There are some excellent sites available online provided by the federal government ( and for example). Wherever possible, we will provide links to the appropriate pages thereby providing  further information.

Helpful Resources – Small Business Resource

There will also be many links to other helpful websites with additional information.

Small Business Resource