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LAUNCH JACKING: Promote Affiliate Offers

How To Get Your Offer On Page One Google

Congratulations Chamal Rathnayaka – author of this article:  Very thorough and complete, with excellent SEO optimization.

LAUNCH JACKING: Promote Affiliate Offers
LAUNCH JACKING: Promote Affiliate Offers

Launch Jacking: A Super Easy Way to Make Money Promoting Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online. The only thing that is needed is a good offer and targeted traffic. However, due to competition, it has become challenging, especially to drive targeted traffic.

That is why Launch Jacking has become one of the greatest methods to earn money promoting other people’s products or affiliate offers.

In my previous tutorial on How to Use MunchEye to Make money, I talked a bit about the ‘Launch Jacking’ strategy.

But, in this article, I will dive a bit deep and share some strategies to make Launch Jacking a tremendous success and earn more money day in and out.

What is Launch Jacking?

Launch Jacking is basically producing content before a product, or a service is released to the public. The reason (and aim) is to rank on top of Google and YouTube search results for targeted keywords so once the momentum arrives, your site gets the most attention and traffic.

Why should you use Launch Jacking?

In affiliate marketing, there are two types of products to promote based on their freshness:

  1. Evergreen affiliate offers
  2. Product launches

Evergreen affiliate offers are the ones you meet in day-to-day life. For example, the Clickfunnels affiliate program can be considered an evergreen affiliate program that you could promote one year ago, today, and possibly next month. Because of the program’s nature, the demand, and the competition, it’s hard to become a top affiliate using only Google and Youtube traffic channels.

Why? Because Clickfunnels, for instance, has an army of affiliates who have created a ton of information on the Internet to promote Clickfunnels products like the free trial, One Funnel Away, etc.

Therefore, new affiliates get a higher saturated and competitive market to tap into where top affiliates are already dominating.

On the other hand, product launches are new product releases. Some products are people have never heard of before. Those are essentially new opportunities. Therefore, the organic competition on Google and Youtube is relatively lesser than evergreen affiliate products.

The best part is some product launches could become some of the most successful products in one day, and if you got the chance to start an authoritative site around the particular product, you could have a niche affiliate site that makes a passive monthly income. I will cover more about that in this guide.

How to use Launch Jacking strategy to make money as an affiliate marketer

You can utilize Launch Jacking in two ways:

  1. Create a website
  2. Start a YouTube channel

Depending on your comfort zone, you can either go with a website or a Youtube channel. Both have their pros and cons. But, in my experience, a website could be a long-term benefit as your site gets more authority, you could promote more affiliate offers, and make money through various ways not only limited to Launch Jacking affiliate marketing.

How to promote affiliate offers via a website

A website is an online real estate. The larger your site in content and traffic, the higher the profit margins are. When using the Launch Jacking promotion strategy, creating a blog is most reasonable because a blog is easier to create and easily manageable.

  • A blog can be updated
  • Gives more flexibility to customize as you need
  • You own content

It involves four main parts:

  1. Create a blog
  2. Choose product launches
  3. Create content
  4. Rank on Google

Create a blog

Creating a blog includes several steps as well.

  1. Selecting a niche
  2. Choosing a good domain name
  3. Determining which platform to use to create your blog

If your intent is promoting Internet marketing offers such as IM product launches, SaaS (Software as a Service) apps, information marketing, or internet marketing would be great. Since IM product launches are dominated by MMO and Biz Opps products, actually, you have fewer options.

The domain name is a critical factor, especially if you are looking forward to maintaining the site for a more extended period.

  • Make sure your domain is easy to pronounce, contains a fewer number of characters, and is memorable.
  • Try to get a .com top-level domain name.

Use one of these domain name availability checkers to find if a domain is available to be bought.

Domize domain name checker lets you find domain availability instantly

Once chosen, purchase your domain on a service like NameCheap, PorkBun, Godaddy, Google Domains, or Cloudflare. My recommendation is CloudFlare, as it gives you several key benefits over most other domain management tools.

  • Buy domains at wholesale price. Renew at the wholesale price
  • World-class domain name management service
  • Free global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and more features

Once a domain name is bought, the next step is creating your blog. There are many ways to start a blog.

  1. Use a hosted blogging platform like Google Blogger and Brizy Cloud
  2. Host your blog on a server and manage it with a Content Management Service (CMS) like WordPress.

If you want to choose the first method, I recommend Brizy Cloud over Blogger as Brizy Cloud comes with extra advantages like drag-and-drop page builder, popup, alerts and & forms builder, etc. Learn more in this Brizy Cloud review.

However, the preferable method is the second option – Creating your WordPress site on a chosen web hosting service.

WordPress is one of the world’s best blogging platforms, and it powers 43% of entire websites. Since it is an open-source project and includes many resources on the internet and many plugins to empower your site, creating a high-converting affiliate site with WordPress is easier than ever.

BluehostWPX, Kinsta, Digital Ocean, and Cloudways are some of the best WordPress premium hosting services. Although there are several free WordPress blog hosting services, I do not recommend them as they have many downsides. Here is a step-by-step guide on starting your WordPress site.

Tools to empower your site

Launch Jacking becomes more effective when you have a system in place that converts visitors into buyers. Here are some tools to help your course.

Affiliatable – Create appealing CTAs

Affiliatable is a service that lets you create beautiful and high-converting conversion boxes like Comparision tables, Versus boxes, Pros & Cons, Top picks, and Product highlight boxes. Find more details in this Affiliatable review.

Here is an example:

Three services to use in your email marketing business.
Used in this post:

Best Email List Growth Booster



Get the upper hand on competitive niches and get free traffic and leads through viral referral giveaways. UpViral is the best giveaway software we’ve used (collected over 9K leads so far), and it’s equipped with tons of features and unique functionalities than its competition.

  • Unlimited giveaway campaigns and unlimited landing page visitors
  • Advanced drag-and-drop page editor (Build beautiful pages that are high converting)
  • Run giveaway and rewards campaigns in one campaign
  • A/B test signup page and share pages and email notification messages
  • Integrations with popular email marketing tools and Zapier and WebHooks support
  • Import and export UpViral giveaway campaigns (it’s like Clickfunnels. So easy to use.)
  • Multiple winner selection methods
Best Place to Buy Email Traffic



There is a reason why email marketing is so powerful. How about buying the best email traffic to build your email list fast and sell your own or affiliate offers? That is what Udimi marketplace is for:

  • Free registration and get a $5 coupon code
  • Search sellers in your niche
  • Genuine reviews from buyers
  • Manage all your solo ads campaigns in one place
  • Add your copy (subject line and body text) or just send your traffic rotation link to the solo ads provider
  • 100% money-back guarantee on non-delivered orders
  • 24*7 live chat support
Best Email List Builder



Easily build beautiful and high converting popups, inline forms and integrate with your existing email autoresponder tools and CRM software.

  • Unlimited ConvertBoxes
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Drag-and-drop widget editor
  • Integrations including Zapier, Google Analytics, and WebHooks
  • Import and export ConvertBox templates
  • WordPress plugin
  • Offered in a Lifetime deal – Learn more.
Convertful – Capture emails and create deadline funnels

Convertful is a service that lets you create high-converting forms to turn your visitors into leads and sales. There are many options available, from gamification forms to popups and inline forms. The drag-and-drop form builder makes it hassle-free to create any form, including website countdown timers, notification widgets, and survey forms. Learn more in this review.

RankMath – The best SEO Plugin for WordPress

RankMath is a WordPress plugin that manages the SEO aspect of your site. Its free version is good enough for a basic site. But, the premium version contains more powerful features.

Choose product launches to promote is an internet marketing product launch calendar that lists up-and-coming product launches. Learn more in this review on Muncheye.


Once an upcoming launch is submitted, displays it on the website so you can digest information clearly.


On the product launch details page, you can find more information related to the maximum order value, affiliate contest, and sales funnel, etc.,

How to select a good offer to promote

Not all product launches listed on Muncheye are equally good. Similarly, not all launches will yield a higher profit margin in your Launch Jacking promotions. Therefore, you need to be cautious in selecting a good offer to launch jack.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

1) Look at BIG launches first, and regular releases second

Big launches on Muncheye are product launches by established product owners with a proven track record. Since you cannot predict the offer based on the sales page alone, you should weigh the Launch’s capacity based on different criteria.

  1. The sort of offer – If it’s a SaaS business or a software launch, the owners have to maintain the product, and users will have to search on Google and Youtube to find reviews, tutorials, and use cases. So, it’s a green flag.
  2. Vendor – Some vendors run product launches rarely. But, their products, as a whole, are top-notch in quality, and they support the product for a longer period of time. The last thing you need is to promote a product that is dead in a year or so.
  3. Sales funnel – There is cost and margins for every campaign. You need to calculate your profit margins based on the cost and the sales funnel details like average order value. Since metrics like EPC (Earnings per click) aren’t available in an IM product launch, it’s harder to calculate the estimated ROI.

Here is a product launch with a high ticket front-end offer.

Make unlimited $2/lead and $1,750+ commissions and win prizes through affiliate contests.
2) Find products that sound good (they tend to get more popularity)

The sense is something you learn as you get the experience. You cannot promote “quick earn money without doing anything” sort of offers and expect continued success and respect from your readers.

As a marketer, your priority should be solving issues of potential customers. The goodwill will follow you back and deliver more booming outcomes.

Anyone these days can launch a product. But that does not mean all of them are equally good. There are several internet marketing gurus with high-quality track records. Here are some of them:

  • Joshua Zamora – Sendiio
  • Neil Napier – Klavio
  • Joey Xoto – Viddyoze, ScreenCast Pro, Klippyo
  • Andy Fletcher – Convertri, Simultri,, Video Traffic X
  • Simon Warner – Outgrow, Builderall
  • Mike Filsaime – WeibarJam, GrooveKart, GroovePages
  • Jono Armstrong – The Opal System, NOVA, The Lockdown Formula
  • Mike McKay – ProfitBuilder, ContentPress
  • Mario Brown – Video Agency Funnels, Synthesys, PageBuilder PRO, Auto Webinar
  • Aidan Booth – The Kibo Code, BlackBird Suite, The 7 Figure Circle
  • Wilco De Kreij – UpViral, Connectio products (ConnectRetarget, ConnectExplore, ConnectVideo etc.,)
  • Todd Gross – Talking Faces, Six Figure Business In A Box PLR, Video Pal
  • Andrew Darius – Explaindio, VSLMaker
4) Sales funnel is important

How much money you make on Launch Jacking will decide the sales funnel structure.


Some products have several OTOs (One-time Offers), Upsells & Downsells, and high-ticket offers. And several offers have a subscription-based offer where you earn commissions as long as the customer pays. So, you need to weigh your decisions based on your campaigns’ ROI and profit margins.

Get the approval

A handful of affiliate networks powers most product launches.

  • JVZoo
  • WarriorPlus
  • ClickBank
  • PayKickStart
  • ThriveCart
  • DealGuardian
  • Keap (previously known as Infusionsoft)
  • PayDotCom

JVZoo and WarriorPlus are the most common affiliate platforms for product launches in the Internet Marketing and Business Opportunities spaces. PayKickStart is a platform famous for SaaS product launches. ThriveCart and Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) are popular for building membership sites and courses. ClickBank is an old and established affiliate platform.

On the Muncheye affiliate details page, you can find the link for the JV page.


Once clicked, you will be redirected to the affiliate details page. Search for the “affiliate approval request” button.


Once clicked, you will be redirected to the affiliate program registration page, and there, you can request approval to promote.


Mention how you’d be promoting the offer and share past campaign results and the experience to get your application approved.

Create content

The third step of using Launch Jacking step by step with a website is creating content. It involves several steps:

  1. Keyword research and selection
  2. Content research and creation
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Publication
Keyword research and selection

Keywords are a set of words used by people to search on Google and other search engines. Keyword research is still a key element of successful search-engine-friendly content. Your article could be the world’s best piece of content. But, if it does not contain relevant keyword phrases, people won’t find it through search engines.

Previously, I talked a lot about keyword research, such as keyword research toolscompetitor keywords research, and Semrush keyword search methods. However, because we are promoting new offers in Launch Jacking affiliate marketing, most keyword research tools won’t have any data related to the offer.

So, I am using a keyword research tool capable of calculating the Golden Ratio and Allintitle values.

Why use Golden Ratio and Allintitle Ratio?

Both KGR (Keyword Golden ratio) and Allintitle ratio are important in finding lower competitive keywords in terms of SERP usage. Basically, they estimate how many web pages have used a particular keyword. Lesser is good because it is less competitive, and your piece of content will rank faster.

According to Google15% of daily search queries are never heard of. It means you have got new opportunities to write content and rank in first place on Google.

Keyword research for launch jacking

Launch Jacking keywords are basically product name pairings.


PRODUCT NAME + pros and cons


is PRODUCT NAME legit?


PRODUCT NAME + review from Real User

PRODUCT NAME + discount


PRODUCT NAME + product creator



Here are the keyword metrics for Launch jacking keyword pairings. Data are fetched from WriterZen. But you can use any keyword research tool like Semrush.

Keyword metrics for Launch Jacking marketing

Here’s the video recording of calculating the golden ratio and allintitle of keywords.


  1. Import keywords to your WriterZen account.
  2. Activate “Golden filter” in WriterZen to find Keyword Golden Ratio and Allintitle values. WriterZen has improved the original KGR and is now known as Golden Score. Learn more in this review on WriterZen.
  3. Enable “Clustering” to find keyword similarities in terms of Google SERPs

Most common keywords for a Launch Jacking campaign include words like review, pros and cons, pricing, deal, discount, and tutorial. Most of these keywords are buyer-intent keywords.

Content research and creation

The next phase is the very crucial one in Launch Jacking – Producing content.

There are several types of content you can produce:

  • Review article
  • Comparison/Versus article
  • How-to guide
  • Coupon/discount article
Where to get materials?

One of the key characteristics of a successfully written piece of content that rank is quality. You can improve the quality by providing honest and sufficiently valuable information. The best way to do this is to use the product yourself.

For instance, all the review articles on Pitiya are crafted after using the service or tool manually. They aren’t written based on the sales page info.

Ask for review access if you are promoting a SaaS (Software as a Service) product. Most JV pages have an affiliate contact email. Request review access for some time.

What to include?

People are looking for key details. So your purpose, as the content creator, should be to help the potential customer. If the target keyword is “PRODUCT NAME review,” review it by sharing screenshots of the product interface, addressing pros and cons, alternatives and comparisons, etc. Read our Stencil review for inspiration.

Use Affiliatable widgets to highlight key messages and call-to-action buttons.

Search engine optimization

Once an article is created, the next step is optimizing it for search engines. The sole purpose of launch jacking is to get the upper hand over others to get targeted traffic from Google and other search engines. Here are a few tips:

  • Add the main keyword phrase in the first 10% of the content.
  • Use the main keyword on the SEO title and URL
  • Add an image with the alt text of the targeted keyword
  • Do not stuff or overuse the keyword. Learn more about the Google Panda update.
  • Optimize SEO title to improve the CTR (Click-through rate). Use numbers and power words, and trigger positive or negative sentiment.
  • Use rich snippets to improve search engine appearance. Review, HowTos, and FAQs are some of the most popular schemas.

The last step is to publicize the content. Share it with your friends and ask friends to share it with their community.

Incentivize sharing

Although you can add a social sharing buttons widget on your site, unless you incentivize people, posts will get organic social shares rarely, particularly on a product review page. So, the best way is to give away something instead of sharing.

Use the multi-step forms feature in Convertful to bribe visitors to share the article on their social networks.

Here is an example form we use on one of our posts to get social shares.


The best part is we also collect the user’s email addresses by asking them to enter an email to receive the prize via email. One stone – two birds!

Rank on Google

Unless your site is authoritative, Google won’t crawl the content and index data into its database soon. That is why you should ask GoogleBot to crawl your content.


If you are yet to add your site to Google Search Console, do it over here (Here’s the Google Search Console tutorial), and once done, use the URL Inspection tool.

Backlinks are inbound links created to your site. Search engines regard backlinks as a factor determining a site’s usefulness. When speaking about backlinks, quality and relevancy are paramount. Overusing or misusing the backlink strategy would frankly harm your entire site. Learn about Google Penguin updates.

Since keywords used in the Launch Jacking promotion strategy are not as competitive as other keywords, it is not necessary to build backlinks. But a few targeted backlinks will increase the crawl process and the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking for targeted keywords.

Track your progress (and stay awakened)

Now you have successfully completed the Launch jacking tutorial for websites. But, there is one crucial step that most affiliate marketers neglect for some reason.

It is tracking progress by monitoring SERP ranking.


Use quality and accurate SERP rank tracker tools like Semrush and BrandOverflow and set alerts to be notified via email if something impactful happens, like dropping from the top #1 position for a targeted keyword.


Several internet marketers have been using Launch Jacking to bank a lot of money. Here are a few examples:


IMNights is a website that uses the Launch Jacking affiliate marketing strategy quite well to earn affiliate commissions from product launches. As you can see from the above screenshot, the website uses a sticky sidebar widget (right side) and a CTA popup widget at the bottom left corner. The CTA widget is made with ConvertBox. Learn more about ConvertBox.

How to promote affiliate offers via Youtube

Youtube is one of the world’s top five websites, and it is the world’s second most popular search engine right after Google, owned by Alphabet, which also owns Google.

Launch Jacking affiliate marketing via Youtube involves four main parts:

  1. Creating your Youtube channel
  2. Create content
  3. Upload to Youtube
  4. Youtube optimization

Since I already covered how to find IM product launches in the previous section, I will not repeat it. It’s the same process.

Creating a Youtube Channel

If you do not already have a Youtube channel, it’s a free thing to do. Only a Google account is required. Here is a video on how to make a channel on Youtube.

Create content

Keywords in Youtube

Like in content SEO, in Youtube SEO, keyword research is equally important. The best part is keyword pairings have a pattern like in content SEO keywords.


PRODUCT NAME + pros and cons


is PRODUCT NAME legit?


PRODUCT NAME + review from Real User

PRODUCT NAME + discount





Create Video content

Once a keyword is selected, you have to produce content around it. The most popular keyword ideas for Youtube are review, How-to, demo, tutorial, and vs.

Ex: Viddyoze review, how to use Viddyoze, Offeo vs Viddyoze, Viddyoze alternatives, is Viddyoze worth it?

There are several ways to create content for Youtube.

  • Screen recorder video
  • Explainer video
  • Text-animation type video

Screen recorder videos are more user-friendly (and informative) as they involve human talking. Here is an example:

Here is a good product comparison video uploaded to Youtube.

How to do it
  • Use screen recorder software like Camtasia and browser extensions like Nimbus web or Screencast-o-Matic.
  • Focus on the keyword and cover the topic. If it’s a review, go through the product and share how to use it, your honest opinions and the value, and if it’s actually worth it.
  • Make your video length as short as possible. There is not a sweet spot. However, it should be concise and shouldn’t be long.
  • Create a custom video thumbnail with an online service like Canva.

Upload to Youtube

Go to your Youtube Creator Studio, click on the “Create” button at the top-right corner, and then click on the “Upload videos” link.


Drag and drop the files to the window or click on “Select files” to upload videos.

Optimize for Youtube

The next phase is optimizing videos uploaded to Youtube, Google, and other search engines.


Backlinks are a ranking factor on Youtube too. Submit your video to video submission sites and embed the video on your website.


Legit Marketing Reviews

Currently, the Legit Marketing Reviews Youtube channel has over 4,800 subscribers, and all videos are affiliate promotional videos.

How to Howdy

Channel features screen-recorded videos of online programs and software.

Earn more with Launch Jacking

Here are a few tips to use along with the Launch Jacking promotion strategy to earn more commissions.

Offer bonuses for buying from you

Give your readers and viewers a strong and irresistible reason to buy from you. Get bonuses from a PLR (Private Label Rights) site like IDPLR. Make sure the products you’ll be giving away includes giveaway rights.

Display sticky widgets and attention-grabbing alert boxes

Use CTA widgets prominently to get more clicks. Show enticing banners as popups on page abandonment and inactivity. Use one of these best popup creators to design CTA widgets.

Promote to your email list

Having an email list is highly useful and profitable, especially when promoting product launches. Use an affiliate-friendly email marketing service like Aweber and GetResponse and direct them to your blog to educate them about the offer.

Advertise on Google and Facebook

Launch Jacking strategy produces content that can not only be promoted via organic methods but also through paid advertising methods as well. Promote your pages on Google with targeted keyword targeting and on Facebook with the right interest and behavior targeting.

Use solo ads

Solo ads traffic is one of the best traffic mediums to promote product launches which we have already talked about in this guide on using solo ads for affiliate marketing.


Use a solo ads marketplace like Udimi to buy targeted solo ads with guaranteed clicks.


Udimi is a low-cost place to get real email traffic compared with direct solo ads providers.

Is Launch Jacking profitable?

It depends on the popularity of the product/service you are promoting. If it’s something people are often searching on search engines and Youtube, and your content is ranking at the top, Launch Jacking is profitable.

Does Launch Jacking Work?

Yes, Launch Jacking works. Newbie affiliate marketers like Jenn Leach were able to make money from their first attempt.

Is Launch Jacking legal?

It is legal in spaces like Internet marketing product launches. But, it might not be legal in all industries. Ask your partner manager for more information.

Final words on Launch Jacking Tutorial

Making money via affiliate marketing has become more difficult and costlier, especially when promoting an established affiliate offer. That is why Launch Jacking has become the go-to approach for many affiliates to earn money by promoting upcoming product launches.

In this ultimate guide to Launch Jacking, you learned everything you need to know about Launch Jacking. Also, I recommend reading this guide on making money by promoting Muncheye affiliate programs.

So, what are your thoughts and experiences on Launch Jacking?

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