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Write A Blog Post Fast 2022

Small Business Startup Ideas 2023

Write A Blog Post Fast 2022

A Step By Step Guide

This Vidoe is The Ultimate Guide on How To Write a Blog Post on Your Website From Scratch

Write A Blog Post Fast 2022

How To Write A Blog Post Fast ūüĒ•

Nov 28, 2021


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Try Jarvis AI FreeūüĎČ This Vidoe is The Ultimate Guide on How To Write a Blog Post on Your Website From Scratch. Even if you haven’t written a Blog Post before, even if your English is not perfect, “Like ME,” you will learn today how to create and write blog posts following my step-by-step guide. Also, we will see how AI can help you write your articles and save you a lot of time. Try Jarvis AI ūüĎČ Grammarly ūüĎČ ‚úÖ Join Our Telegram Channel ūüĎČ ‚úÖ Subscribe to get all updates: ūüĎČ… ūüíú You Might be Interested in (Free Tutorials): Grow Your YouTube Channel: ūüĎČ Online Business & Make Money Online: ūüĎČ Email Marketing Tutorials: ūüĎČ Digital Marketing Tutorial: ūüĎČ… Complete Free Courses ūüĎČ Get Traffic Tutorials ūüĎČ Affiliate Marketing Tutorials ūüĎČ Affiliate Marketing Case Studies ūüĎČ SEO Tutorials: ūüĎČ Freelance Tutorials: ūüĎČ ūüĒĒ Free Guides Every Week: ūüĎČ Copyright ¬© H-educate. Any reproduction or illegal distribution of the content in any form will result in immediate action against the person concerned. Primary Author and Founder of H-educate: Hasan AboulHasan Contact Email: DISCLOSURE: Some of the links here are affiliate links. This means that I may earn a commission at no additional cost if you click through and make a purchase. These commissions help me create free valuable videos like these. Video Outline: Video Intro 0:00 Step 1- Find Similar Content 1:04 Step 2- The Outline 2:44 Write The Introduction 5:13 Subheadings 9:22 Conclusion 11:50 Revise and Edit 13:51 Make Robots Write For You! 14:25 Other Methods To Write Blog posts 17:58

Write A Blog Post Fast 2022


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to create an article you just need to go  to wordpress dashboard here and go to posts  
then simply add new in this way you can create¬† an article on your website it’s that simple¬†¬†
see you later i’m just kidding in this video i¬† will show you step by step how to create the best¬†¬†
content for your website even if you are not  that perfect in english like me you write the  
best articles on your website and remember every  word mentioned here is based on real case studies  
deep research and years of¬† experience so let’s start
you are watching part 5 of my awesome new series  build an online business with me from scratch and  
reach 2 000 per month before we go into step¬† number one i’m just curious how many of you¬†¬†
have written articles before if you wrote any  piece of article before just mention this in  
the comments section below and mention how many  articles you wrote if you remember in part 4 we  
learned how to find content ideas for our website  and in my case i collected 15 ideas to start with  
15 articles on my new website so let’s now pick¬† number one this content idea to start with so¬†¬†
we can do a practical live example now and get the  best out of this video so my article will be about  
email validation and the question is what is email  validation so i will copy this topic and then go  
to my website and paste the title here of course¬† later on you’ll learn how to optimize titles how¬†¬†
to pick up the titles everything so don’t worry¬† now just select the title or the topic and let’s¬†¬†
start working so in step number one you will go  and find similar articles in similar websites so  
simply go here to and then i will say  here what is email validation search and google  
will show you a list of the top websites that  wrote about the same exact topic i will open this  
and this and this and this you can open like four  or five websites to see the articles that those  
websites wrote about your topic so in this way you  can take an idea and you can create the outline  
of your article so step number one is go to check  your competitors articles that are similar to you  
okay so i found these four articles that are¬† ranking on top of google so it’s somehow the best¬†¬†
articles according to google now in step number  two we have to create the outline of our article  
just memorize this we have the introduction  the conclusion and we have multiple subheadings  
multiple paragraphs that’s how articles are¬† written it’s that simple we have the introduction¬†¬†
if you go now and see like this article¬† you’ll see now we have this intro then we have¬†¬†
these subheadings one two three four and so on and  you can see here is the conclusion and by the way  
it’s better to set a title here for conclusion¬† take conclusion as a heading so this is how¬†¬†
all tickets are written in general introduction  conclusion and multiple subheadings in between  
we have here if you go back to our post we have  here the intro then we have sub headings then we  
have the conclusion now you have to set your sub  headings how simply go and scan these articles and  
see what are the subheadings the benefits of email  validation the ways of doing email validation  
this is somehow a simple article let’s go here¬† and see what is email validation again how does¬†¬†
email validation work how does email variation  help these are subheadings you can collect these  
ideas again what is email validation and so on so  in this way you can scan the competitor articles  
and build your outline based on this so in my case  i will start with the first subheading which is  
what is email validation which is the main part¬† of our article then let’s see what do we have¬†¬†
how does email validation work how does email  validation help so the second part i think in my  
case is why we have to validate emails so i will  simply go here the second subheading is why you  
must validate your email address you have to do  the same operation in your niche in your topic in  
your article collect subheadings from different¬† competitors to build your outline let’s do some¬†¬†
magic and build my outline here in my website one  two and three and here we are i have my outline  
the introduction i have my subheadings i have five  subheadings now that i collected and paraphrased  
from my competitors and then i have the conclusion  so now what you have to do in step number three is  
to write the intro write a small paragraph for  each of these headings then write the conclusion  
and you can finish the article let’s see how¬† we can do this how to write the intro which is¬†¬†
super important and by the way in a little bit i  will show you how to use artificial intelligence  
some tools that will help you in 70 percent of  the tasks it will write the content for you just  
some patients so it’s time for the introduction¬† i will go now to my website to show you a real¬†¬†
example here i am in my main website  and this is an article about how to grow your  
youtube channel let’s see the intro the intro¬† must consist of three things you must consider¬†¬†
these three things in your introduction number  one is showing proof if exist as an example here  
i said i have got 500 seventy thousand subscribers  and 14 million views on my youtube channel at the  
time writing this post this is the proof so what  you read in this article is something i tried  
and made my channel grow to this number there’s¬† number one the proof secondly the hook you¬†¬†
must hook the reader to continue reading your  article so here i said a lot of people ask me  
what strategies i’ve used for youtube growth¬† and here i am answering this question so this¬†¬†
somehow hooks the reader and tells them that in  this article i will share with them my secret  
strategies number three you have to be direct what  you will give in this article you will see here  
in this post i’ll talk about eight practical tips¬† that will help you increase youtube views and subs¬†¬†
what value people will get from reading this  article so to sum things up the introduction is  
based on three main things number one if i write  here to be direct the hook and proof if exist  
giving a proof of what you are writing this is how  you write the introduction make sure to mention  
these three things be simple direct hook them  and give a proof of exist also i will show you  
how to write introductions automatically with ai¬† in a little bit in this video let’s do some magic¬†¬†
again and write our introduction boom so this is  my introduction i will give you three seconds to  
read and see what is the who what is the proof  and where is the direct benefit that users will  
get after reading my article one two we can pause¬† the video if you want let’s see so i started my¬†¬†
introduction with this statement the roi  return on investment of email marketing is 122  
without a doubt now later on i will show you  how to add statistics and infographics to your  
articles but for now this is enough so this  is the proof that email violation is important  
since email marketing has this high number in roi¬† and look now but it’s possible only if you do it¬†¬†
correctly this where the reader will get hooked so  email marketing is very important but you have to  
do it correctly to reach this roi so how to do it  this is the question that reader will ask himself  
then i will tell the reader that email marketing  strategies is based on email list which should be  
clean and deliverable so the first thing you must  do is email validation what is email validation  
this is the direct value of this article what  they will get from this article what is email  
validation what are the benefits and how to¬† do it correctly i’ll help you answer these¬†¬†
questions in this post you can see now i gave  a small proof i hooked them with this statement  
then the direct value in this small introduction  try your best to add proof who and be direct so  
this is my introduction for this post i hope you¬† got the idea i’m trying my best to make things¬†¬†
really as simple as i can don’t forget if you have¬† questions you need help i will be here to help you¬†¬†
you can join us on telegram on my forum i will be¬† active almost every single day so let’s now move¬†¬†
on to section number two in our article and part  three which is sub headings writing our article  
the body of the article so let’s delete this¬† subheadings and i will convert this into a heading¬†¬†
heading 2 very nice so we have these five¬† headings and delete this intro and let’s¬†¬†
start with the first heading which is what is  email validation what do we have to write here  
now you have to know something subheadings are  super important why simply because the reader can  
skim your articles an example here if he is  coming your article he will see these subheadings  
he can know what you are talking about he can  see these subheadings and understand your idma so  
subheadings is very important let’s start with the¬† first subheading what is email validation how to¬†¬†
write it if you want to write from your own words  you have a research you can do but the other way  
usually people write articles is by checking other  articles so we go to this first article and see  
how he declared how he defined email validation  is a method of verifying blah blah blah blah this  
article what is email variation is procedure that  verifies blah blah blah and so on so you can read  
multiple definitions or multiple paragraphs from  different websites and then you can write your own  
paragraph based on what you read based on your¬† research don’t ever copy and paste don’t ever spin¬†¬†
articles your business will fail you will  not get any rank on google your content will  
be simply a clone you will lose credibility we  are talking here about building a real business  
so please some patients try to learn with us try  to implement exactly what we are doing even if  
you did something wrong at the beginning it’s¬† okay just try it you will improve my time try¬†¬†
to learn more and you will be successful later  on so what is email validation i will write my  
own paragraph based on my own research again  some magic this is my first paragraph just  
do the same exact operation scan other websites  understand the idea and write in your own words  
under these paragraphs and you will finish your  article again in a little bit i will show you how  
to write also the content of the article the body  all these paragraphs using some tools and ai just  
some patience now we reach the conclusion the  conclusion is super important a lot of studies  
show that readers usually when they up an article  they directly even before reading the introduction  
they go directly to the conclusion and read it so  they understand the full idea behind this article  
and then they go back and start reading your¬† article this is why it’s super important to¬†¬†
add a conclusion and make it simple just say¬† conclusion let’s turn this into heading say¬†¬†
conclusion like this and write the conclusion now  what to include in the conclusion simply a summary  
of your article what you have mentioned what you  talked about and a question and a call to action  
something that makes the reader takes action like  asking a question asking the leaders to answer in  
the comments section or maybe including a cta to  download an ebook to enter the email address for  
newsletter any cta call to action will be at  the conclusion this will help you to increase  
engagement in your website please focus very well  this will help you a lot to build a successful  
business laser on cta is call to action something  you write here like you can comment your questions  
below as an example anything or ask them to add  their emails to the newsletter or something like  
that for email marketing later on we will cover  it later in the series so the simple formula is  
summary plus cta this is the conclusion let’s¬† write my conclusion with some magic so this is¬†¬†
the summary of the article and then i mentioned  the cta have questions let me know in the comments  
below i try my best to answer them all so this is  the cta that tells people to comment under this  
article which increases engagement at the same  time this helps you to increase your article  
rank on google as we’ll explain later on in our¬† upcoming videos now we have finished writing the¬†¬†
article what you have to do simply is sit down¬† and read it just read it from a reader’s point¬†¬†
of view like any reader start revising it and  editing it if you find any mistakes and the best  
extension to help you with fixing any mistakes  grammar mistakes english mistakes is grammarly  
installed grammarly which is an extension for  chrome and it will help you automatically fix  
everything just go to or simply use  the link in the description my affiliate link to  
download the grammarly and you can start totally  for free now we have something special we will go  
more in depth and see what tools we have  what a i artificial intelligence and machine  
learning can do to help us write articles and¬† save us a lot of time let’s see what i did is¬†¬†
simply i went to one of the top tools  today that automates writing anything writing  
ad copies introductions articles so i went to  jarvis and subscribed to their boss mode plan  
so i can test it before i show it to you so to  show you how really this works and to show you  
that live example from the premium version so if  you are thinking to invest in these tools to know  
how these tools work i will log into my bm account  and simply you have here the long form assistant  
this will help you write a full long article  i will click on this i will start from scratch  
and by the way we have the blog post workflow it  will help you create the outline create everything  
for you automatically i will not go with this now¬† it requires maybe a full video to explain it let’s¬†¬†
now go from scratch just to show you some examples  how this tool can help you write articles so you  
can set the title here of the article i will copy¬† the title here and write it there’s a article¬†¬†
title and what’s nice we can simply click on this¬† cursor here and click on compose we can select the¬†¬†
output length was short medium or long let’s say¬† now compose and let’s see what jarvis will give us¬†¬†
introduction look email validation is a process of  checking if an email address exists or not and so  
on it will give you a full introduction we can  simply click on compose again it will continue  
writing and writing and so on you can create the  introduction in this way you can read this maybe  
change some things in it or simply you can select  a port and go here and click on rephrase and now  
jarvis will rewrite this paragraph again you can  do this and maybe you like the other version of  
it so you can see this another version of this  paragraph we can say here you check to replace  
it and so on so this is how jarvis help you write  an introduction or a paragraph what we can do also  
is to copy these subheadings and add a hashtag  to tell jarvis that this is a subheading go here  
copy this again paste it here and say hashtag so  now we have two different sub headings i will tell  
jarvis now to compose a long paragraph under this  subheading say compose wait a little bit and now  
jarvis will write a full paragraph based on this  subheading go down here and click on compose why  
you must validate email addresses you can see now  it will again generate a full paragraph based on  
this subheadings and so on of course you  can just rely on this you can just copy  
and paste it because you need to revise it  you need to edit it you have to think about  
ai today as a writing assistant it will help you  in like 70 of the work and you still need to do 30  
of it but if you can invest in these tools i  believe it will help you a lot to write more  
articles in a shorter time anyway if you want to  test it i will leave the link in the description  
below so this is the power of ai today and help  you to write articles on your website oh jarvis is  
telling you to subscribe to my channel and like¬† the video it’s not me it’s jarvis it’s the ai¬†¬†
anyway so let’s continue our work now and see¬† what are some different methods that will help you¬†¬†
to write articles what if you don’t want to¬† write articles what to do simply can outsource¬†¬†
the full process and make someone write for  you as an example you can go to  
or upwork and hire a freelancer or we can use some  premium services like or  
they have multiple packages they will help  you to write articles not that cheap but  
if you have that investment you can go with and  make these services right for you and by the way  
right now i’m testing one of these services which¬† is word if you log into my account¬†¬†
you will see i bought 10 000 words and now we¬† have this article submitted i’m waiting for the¬†¬†
results if you want to see the results my feedback  follow up with me on my channel i will share with  
you all the case studies all my reviews all my  tests here on my channel anyway so you can do  
this if you want to hire a company for you or have  a freelancer to write for you the second option is  
youtube youtube what do i mean simply if your¬† website is about dog training let’s say you can¬†¬†
simply go here to god training and search for¬† videos about your niche let’s see this video¬†¬†
dog training 101 you can open this video and what  we can do simply is to transcribe this video you  
can also share it you can go here embed this  video in your article and simply transcribe it  
which means turn the video into an article on your  website some people do this and you can start with  
this if you want we can use some youtube videos to  fill your website with content in this way so you  
watch the video and write what you understand¬† from this video it’s like every small research¬†¬†
based on youtube videos now it’s your turn to¬† start writing your first article and what you have¬†¬†
to do for the next month is to prepare 15 drafts  because after one month we will have 15 articles  
optimized and published on our website in the  upcoming video i will show you how to create  
infographics images optimize our articles so we  can get free traffic from google with seo upcoming  
videos about on-page seo the ultimate guide  subscribe turn notifications and see you soon