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How To Get Fast Adsense Approval

How To Get Fast Adsense Approval

Make Money With Google Adsense

Make $100 per day with Adsense. How to get accepted for the program fast and how to set everything up for profit.

Lies exposed and the truth.

How To Get Fast Adsense Approval

Adsense Approval + $100 A Day Plan (get accepted fast)

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Adsense Approval + $100 A Day Plan (get accepted fast) today we are talking all about how to make money with google adsense, how to get accepted, and how to set everything up to profit. binge watch these adsense videos next: Make Money With Adsense (LIES Exposed)… And The Truth!… Crazy AD Hack ($1,972,122 Earned) Ezoic / Adsense / Affiliate / Must See!… $3,300 Profit Per Article – My Content Strategies To Make More Content In 2022… note: we are not speaking on behalf of adsense or google… these are my opinions and strategies that have worked for me… please follow all guidelines and rules and consult the adsense TOS first. remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

How To Get Fast Adsense Approval



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back in the olden days advertisements came in magazines like this these are

ads are from the early 1900s and they would run ads in various different magazines and things like that on how to

go to sleep or how to make money or whatever it was now today in

2022 we got adsense that’s right you can pop

a simple little code on your website and get paid without having to ship magazines or having to get advertisers

or get checks or whatever it is and today we’re going to talk about how to make money

with the old adsense ads we’re going to talk about this we got notes we got all kind of

things to go through to show you how to get approved with adsense how to make a hundred dollars a day with adsense where

to put adsense on your site and how to make money with all this stuff so if you are excited about this make sure you

smash that like button let everyone know you’re excited including me right i do this for the likes actually i do it

because it makes a lot of money but the likes are good too right so we’re going to take a look at how this works and how

to get approved now you might be saying well marcus you know who made you the expert on adsense well i’m not the

expert but i have made several hundred thousand dollars with adsense and i’ve made millions and millions of dollars

with other means of marketing and adsense alternatives and all kinds of different stuff like that

so today put your listening ears on get your notepaper take some notes

because we’re going to talk all about adsense i’ve been using adsense since the beginning actually started a seo company

back in the year 2000 and we used to get sites ranked and i used to get my own

sites ranked and do affiliate offers and in 2003 adsense came out and i was like

i was like a pig in the slop i was so happy because adsense provided a way to make money without even having to sell

anything i didn’t have to go get ads it just automatically went on my site and you might have seen adsense the ads used

to look like this in the old days before they became more involved now they’re more involved and more interactive and

there’s like little robots behind the scenes trying to figure out what you want to click on because obviously the

more you click the more money they make and so we got to look at that and really look at this and understand what’s going

on in the olden days adsense look like this and in my opinion from testing hundreds of millions of

visitors this actually still converts better than some of this stuff now we’re going to talk about some of these other

ads because sometimes they follow you around and figure out what you want and we need to understand exactly how

adsense works because some people do adsense and make pennies on the dollar and some people do add cents and make

dollars on the penny so we got to understand exactly how this works because the more you make the better you

do this the quicker you get accepted the more you can make and we gotta understand how this works now what

happens here is these little ads you might have seen them right from these little ads like this or little guys like

this or even ads that say like new american funding cash gets your offer accepted or

whatever it is or big buttons like this how many of you guys have seen buttons like this smash the like button and let

me know in the um in the comments as well or even ads like

this yes ladies and gentlemen this was an adsense ad where it says grandma gets attacked what did she do and there’s

grandma there and you’re like oh my gosh what’s gonna happen to grandma i gotta click to figure out what’s gonna happen

to grandma because we don’t know what’s going to go on here but you know grandma

needs to get a safe personal alarm apparently because that’s what we want to do here now adsense is actually

extremely simple and we need to understand the process and understand this as a whole which this training is

going to be about not only how to get accepted and how to make money and how to make the most money possible but it’s

also going to be about how to use this in a way that’s going to get you the results you want in a way that the

advertisers are happy and they’re getting clicks that they want and everyone is happy because when

everyone’s happy your check is gonna be a lot bigger than if everybody’s sad so we gotta

understand this and we’re gonna talk about this in a real world way now if you like adsense i got some other videos

for you we’ll talk about at the end of this training but i want you to get a lay of the land here this is what the ads look like what you’re going to do

is you’re going to sign up for adsense you’re going to put this little code on your site once the code’s on your site

it’s going to show ads you’re going to get paid when people click the ads yada yada yada

pretty simple you’re going to get checks now you got to pay attention here

because there are literally millions and millions of websites that are running google adsense right now why

because it works it really really works and it really makes money now i gotta tell you adsense

for me is a supplement not the main course so we gotta look at this and say okay there

are ways to make other money and we’re gonna look at those but adsense is a supplement and sometimes adsense will be

the main course depending on exactly what you’re trying to do all right now what i did is i went through and i’m a

nut right i do this stuff for a living and i’m obsessed with affiliate marketing

i’m obsessed with internet marketing i’m obsessed with seo i’m obsessed with this stuff like crazy and so what i did is i

actually paid like 500 a month to get reports of all these people that are running

adsense and i’m like hey i want to see the top sites that are running adsense and see what they’re making and you can

see here we got lots of sites that are running adsense lots of sites that are doing this stuff now if you want to a

list of these we’re actually going to do a list of 100 crazy adsense niches over at and if you want to watch the training where i go through the 100 niches join that’s going to be on our next tuesday bonus training

awesome stuff guys we’re going to show you how it works now let’s talk about how to get approved

because a lot of people are like marcus you know what buddy i need to get approved because if i’m not approved i

can’t put adsense on my site and if i can’t put adsense on my site i’m not going to get paid

and not getting paid is sad so we got to talk about this adsense approval process let’s talk about how

this works now first of all there’s three steps all right first of all you got to have a google account pretty

simple you go to the google you get an account a gmail or something like that then you gotta have a phone number and a

postal address all right this is where your check’s gonna go to make sure you’re legit the number one thing here

is you gotta be legit as uncle rico said on napoleon dynamite we gotta get badges

and and name tags with our picture and whatnot we gotta look legit man if you

like that type napoleon dynamite in the comments but we gotta look legit and we

gotta be legit we gotta go out there and do stuff that is on the up and up then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna

connect our site to adsense now there’s two count em

two types of adsenses number one is hosted

and number two is non-hosted okay so we gotta look at this and look at hosted versus

non-hosted this is the difference between actually having your own website and not and we’ll get our trusty pen

here and we’re going to talk about hosted versus non-hosted now when you’re looking at this you might have things

like blogger or like maybe youtube or whatever these

are google owned properties or gop for short all right i

just made that up you don’t have to pay extra for the fancy acronyms those come free ladies and gentlemen then you’re

going to have this stuff where you have your own properties when you have your own

properties it’s going to be like your own website or maybe your own video website or maybe this or that okay

this is properties that you own now more or less these are going to be on your own website which is going to

have its own or net or dot org website okay

now with blogger different approval process because they’re looking at their own sites

youtube different approval process because this is their own thing and you have to have certain criteria and you

have to meet certain rules on your own site same deal you got to have certain rules you can’t have sites about shady

stuff or weird stuff that they don’t want because if you make the advertisers mad then google’s going to be like hey

the advertisers don’t want to pay us so you know we don’t want that kind of stuff in our wheelhouse all right so that’s

the difference between a hosted versus non-hosted now what we’re going to look at is how to know if you’re eligible to

join the adsense network all right how do you know if you’re eligible to join the network

how can i get approved really fast well first of all what we need to do is we need to look at host partner accounts

if you’re doing the hosted stuff or regular if you’re doing the regular now what we have to do is we have to have

some legit traffic all right first and foremost you need to have

legit traffic now what does that mean that means you can’t go to fiverr and get a guy who’s gonna get you 10 000

clicks overnight that means you can’t spam that means you can’t do junk you

got to have legit traffic now the best way to get seo or to get uh an adsense

account in my opinion is my opinion this is my ideas this is what i’ve learned after

doing this for 22 years the best way to get approved

is to get an seo website what does this mean well what

this means is you have to go out there and you have to build a website

with some content all right we’ll make some content here here’s our content about

one subject matter and make it a subject that’s not

on the naughty list right google’s like santa claus you have to do stuff that’s in the legit niches

you have to do stuff that is on the up and up you don’t want to do shady things so

i was doing research on this i found a ton of people with adsense sites

about sewing like literally they’re making money with sewing and he said well marcus how are

you going to make money with sewing well guess who runs ads on those sites joanne fabrics michaels

crafting stores getting the drift they got lots of money and i’ll take a little bit right let’s

get some ads let’s get this stuff running so what you’re going to do is you’re going to create one site about a subject matter all right you’re going to

follow the stuff in my training right here on the youtube on my channel here at affiliate

marketing dude i got a ton of knowledge about how to set this up we talk about how to buy expired domains we talk about

how to buy sites on flippa we talk about how to make this work and the fastest way is either get an existing

site or get backlinks to a new site well marcus i don’t want

to do that i just want to make money tomorrow i mean can’t i just get money doing nothing i mean those other videos

say that i can make money clicking a button over and over and over and over again well last time i checked there was

nobody paying you to click a button over and over again you got to get good content and you got

to be on the up and up because here’s the deal all right if you look for tactics

and shortcuts you’re gonna fizzle out i’ve been doing this for 22 years people come and people

go courses come and gurus come and gurus go and guess what

i’ve been going along steady as can be for 22 years

why now i will admit yes ladies and gentlemen i did try some

tactics and guess what they’re no longer making me money i did try some shortcuts

guess what most of them if they’re just quick fixes they’re not making me money anymore so what i want to do

is i want to set something up long term right do you guys want to make money like today and fizzle out or do

you want to make a living for the like rest of your life i’ve been doing this for most of my life right i’m 43 or

something so one year it’s most of my life right there you go but i’ve been doing this a long time and we look at

this and we want to do this long term because slow and steady wins the race

hands down you heard about the tortoise and the hair you heard about in the hairs like

jacking all around and trying to buy guru courses and i’m over here just hey i’m just going to be the turtle

good i’m going to be slow and steady and what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at this now that doesn’t mean there

aren’t some fast tactics i could go out there i can go on godaddy i could buy a website you saw me do it with the nerd

getting fit website right i bought that thing a week later boom we’re ranking could i get accepted with a site like

that yeah very easy very easy all in all that site

cost me about 333 dollars for the domain and then i didn’t want to write content

myself so i paid another 600 bucks or so for content so i’m in it at less than a thousand bucks boom there

we go we’re ready to go all right we have to understand how this works now if you don’t have 600 or 333 or whatever

all right you could do the hosted one you could go to blogspot you could start a youtube channel you could do whatever

you want my advice would be whether you’re doing all of this because

the traffic that i get i want to keep i want to keep this traffic for me i want to make it work so what i would do is i

would either go to go hub site dot com

and for like 90 bucks a year you can have your own website they give you a free domain name you can have multiple

websites all right if you’re going to be in this to win it be in it to win it stop messing around go out there and

make good content do good work but here’s the tip and i’m gonna give you this tip

focus on keywords other people aren’t focusing on because people say oh seo is hard

no it’s not seo is not hard if you go for words that have no competition

right like i’m gonna go and i’m five feet tall so if i wanted to win a basketball game

which i suck at basketball by the way and obviously i’m five feet tall i do the baskets way up there

i’m not gonna go and challenge shaq to a game of basketball i’m gonna go chat challenge some guy who

does not know how to play and be like hey you ever seen a basketball no what’s that all right i’m going to challenge you

i want to make this easy and i could go to and i could start a site or if you want an even quicker head

start you can go to high ticket and we’ll set this up for you

okay now those those will be easy when we look at this we have to say okay here’s how i’m

going to start so what i’m going to do is i’m going to make a site with good content all right this will take you a week a month whatever and by week or

month i don’t mean full time you work an hour a day set it up all right

trust me the guy out there that’s trying to rig the system and make it quick he’s going to take all this time that

you’re going to take it’s going to take the same amount of time and then at the end of six months he ain’t going to have nothing to show for

it you will all right so we’re going to go out there and we’re going to build something of value want an adsense account build a

valuable site say it with me say it again you want an adsense account

build a valuable website very simple that’s what you do

well marcus i want a shortcut we’ll build it faster well marcus you don’t understand this guru joe said i could

forget about guruju make a site make it good make it simple

all right very simple now what do i need to sign up for adsense

well you need to have a good site okay you need to go out there and you can do that now we’re going to go through and down here i got some tips on

how to get approved we’re going to go through those in a minute but what i want to do first is i want you to

understand the difference between ad words and adsense okay a lot of people mix this up

here’s the deal say it with me adsense

is you equal money that’s what adsense is adsense is

where google ads are paying me money okay so i build a website

i put the code on there and it puts these little ads and i get paid when the ads are clicked i don’t have to

sell anything don’t have to get anyone fill out forms they click i get paid say it with me ladies and

gentlemen type it in the box put it in the comments if you’re following along adsense

i get paid got it cool smash the like button if you got it

next add words

equals i pay money

that’s the difference the difference between adsense and adwords is adsense

i’m getting paid to put ads on my site adwords i pay money

to put ads on google and other websites so it’s the exact opposite how do you get paid on adsense well

these guys that are paying through adwords are paying the adsense people and google

says hey we’re going to give you a cut and it’s actually a really generous cut i’ve heard estimates that it’s around 68

which means if they pay a dollar to google you get 68 cents hey i’ll take

those apples any day of the week and i’ve got to worry about checks i don’t got to worry about nothing adsense

handles the whole thing it didn’t take handle it all right like with this youtube channel

here it runs ads and i i got the monetization on it’s through the adsense platform i don’t got to go and say hey

i’m going to make this video you want to advertise on it nah google’s like hey we got people we got people you’re probably

looking at them right now you probably got a few ads while you’re watching the video so that’s the difference between ad

words versus adsense now there’s another thing here which is the adwords tool

marcus i’m getting confused adwords adsense adwords stool well here’s the deal the adwords tool

is insight into what makes money so you remember how i said hey there’s a lot of people

out there and these people have they have these sites that are about

knitting right or sewing sewing patterns all right sewing patterns

now the google adwords keyword planner which is this right here this is a

keyword planner we hit get results and what this is going to do

is it’s going to give us results for sewing patterns and it’s taking its time

which means we get to have some coffee maybe we should give it some coffee so it’ll move a little quicker but

we’re gonna have some coffee here so we’re gonna go through now

we got a blouse pattern let’s get rid of this so we can see everything sewing patterns 22 cents a click 72

cents now when we look at this this ladies and gentlemen is

a rule of thumb there’s the thumb there’s the rule

it does not mean you are guaranteed to get two dollars a click for the word

blouse pattern no no no no this means that google is saying hey

in our pool here’s our pool

gotta have a diving board every pool needs a diving board i don’t know why mine doesn’t probably because it knows

i’d fall off and break my head if i tried to dive all right in the pool of

advertisers they’re paying an average of

22 cents to two bucks okay

now very important this ladies and gentlemen

is the add words amount which is why it says top of page

bid there ain’t no top of page bid for adsense sad words which means people will pay

less on google adsense than they will add words

why why because someone looking at my website is not as

targeted as someone who typed in sewing patterns in google

it’s all about targeting and i’m going to give you a little tip ladies and gentlemen how have you guys wanted tip smash that like button if you want a tip

here’s the deal here’s the tip you woke up this morning and you turned on your computer and you probably went

to google and guess what you weren’t worth anything

right you went there and you’re like okay you know what marcus i wake up and i’m gonna go to the old google

and here you are here we are you’re sitting here on the old google

and guess what to google that ain’t worth anything nothing

nada but if i go through and i type in something like

mortgage guess what now i’m worth money

did you guys get that did everyone just get that right here on google worth nothing

here worth money nothing money nothing money say it with me

right nothing type mortgage here now

ladies and gentlemen you are worth money well marcus wait a minute this doesn’t

make any sense to me how would this be worth nothing and this is worth money it’s just

digital screen stuff what are you talking about here well let’s take a look as soon as this

decides to load there we go mortgage sixty three dollars a click twenty six

dollars a click twelve dollars a click twenty six dollars what does that mean that means

that some of these advertisers are paying as much as 26

for a click see that that’s a click meaning

if i clicked on the ad they’d be paying money type big money and smash the like button if you get

this you need to get this because once you get this you’re gonna understand how it works now it’s very important

do not cheat do not buck the system do not manipulate do not tell people click

the ads for whatever no just put the ads on there let them do their thing

all right if you got good quality content the ads will match and you you’ll get some cash that’s the way it

works all right now we need to understand this because when we look at like cat videos low competition

very little per click but if we look at refinance rates high competition

lots of money per click so once we start to understand that we need to see

exactly what’s going on okay we need to understand exactly

what’s going on now when we do this this is all going to have to do with how

we get approved how we put the ads what our site is about so let’s go into these approval

tips and we’ll talk about the hundred dollar a day plan which one of you guys needs to remind me because i didn’t put

it in my notes at the bottom so someone remind me to do the hundred dollar a day plan towards the end okay so we have

approval tips here’s what we need to do to get approved number one get real visitors

don’t mess around don’t buy visitors don’t do anything shady get some legit visitors guys i talked to

you about this there’s some videos in the description it’ll show you how to get visitors if you’re not getting visitors it’s because you’re not paying

attention and you’re not doing it the right way okay next you do need to be 18 or older to have an

adsense account or you need to have a guardian or something like that all right i’m assuming that y’all are

old enough to get an adsense account so if you need to figure it out the other way go ahead and figure it out the other way with the guardians i don’t know much

about that i do know that they say you need to be 18 or older obviously because it’s a business right

next number three one of the tips i heard this was not from me but one of the tips i heard from

someone else is that if you remove the other ads so if you have like ezoic or

any other ad network remove that while you’re applying okay remove that while you’re applying

next have clear navigation don’t have a confusing website

also one of the things that’s very important to us on this channel because we’re buying expired domain names and

we’re buying uh websites that already exist make sure that it’s not on the banned list so you

can go to like banned check or something like that and you can check if your site is banned usually they’ll ban them

because of you know shady stuff or shady content or the subject matter or

whatever it is okay this is why we need to be on the up and up get legit traffic write legit stuff it’s not that hard to

do just gotta go do it all right or if you don’t wanna do it hire someone to do it if you don’t have money to hire someone

then write it yourself well i don’t want to write it myself well tough if you don’t have money you got to make it yourself you got to pay your dues back

when i first started i didn’t have money to pay people to do this said to do it myself and i did it and i sure am glad that i

did it because it paid off in spades but make sure that you follow the directions the right way and understand exactly how

it’s working okay next make sure you have good unique content site age is a factor so like if you get

a site today and apply for adsense tomorrow your chances of getting accepted are pretty low because it’s

like hey what’s this guy trying to pull he just bought this domain name four hours ago and he wants to make money no

no let it let it be i’ve heard six months to a year okay now if you’re getting traffic

that’s a different story if you buy an existing site that’s a different story but make sure you got legit stuff

get some age all right here’s the deal a lot of people look at this

a lot of people you look at this okay and you gotta understand exactly what’s going on you gotta understand

that we need to get a good site that has a good age that’s working because a lot of

people they’re gonna go for the next six months like trust me a lot of you guys you’ll come to me in six months and

you’ll say i tried a million other methods and nothing worked okay fine great and then they’re all burnt out and

they’re like i don’t want to do anything and i’m like well six months ago if you had just done this stuff

you’d be getting results pretty simple you just got to go do it now

another tip was have no copyright issues don’t have copy written images or don’t

steal content or don’t try to do spinners and all this junk

write good stuff all right and what do you write about you write about the stuff that’s out

there that works based on the keyword tools you look at uh the keyword tools and you’re like

okay here’s what we got we’re gonna focus on this okay also

avoid the restricted content list have good policy pages contact us about

us pages and before you apply it’s best to have 10 to 15 solid posts with like

15 000 words okay now you could get that for probably i don’t know on the low end maybe 150

bucks you can have people write that many words so you just got to look at that and understand what’s going on now

i want to show you guys how this works because you need to understand how the adsense platform works there’s two

things okay one is auto ads

okay auto ads all right you ever notice how like you look for something new like the

other day i was looking for new uh t-shirts or shirts like these shirts all right i was looking for the shirts

and all of a sudden every website i went to had ads about shirts and i’m like what’s

going on all right these shirts are stalking me what is happening well what’s happening is they are using a i

to determine what you want to look at and they’re using retargeting retargeting is where you hit a website

and there’s a little pixel and it says hey this guy hit this website he looked for t-shirts so therefore we need to go

through and uh make the t-shirts okay so we gotta look at that and we gotta understand now uh there’s another thing

which is called um targeted um it’s it’s like a search ad okay and

what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna go through now search ads are

what’s called reverse

seo what is reverse seo well seo is telling

the search engines what your website is about so it ranks them high

reverse seo is adsense looking at your site

reversing it to figure out what it’s about so that they can show relevant ads so if your

site’s about mortgage or whatever they’re going to look at that now very important one of the sites we’re going to look at

today is urban dictionary now urban dictionary is a huge website they make

lots of money and they use adsense so we can see here because i’m using um

google chrome they are looking at that and saying well i think he’s interested in in clickbank even though this looks

like clickbank the ad choices here it is an ad it’s a google ad right same thing

here add choices we can look at it and see that a lot of these are google ads here’s some more google ads over here

right you can look at the ad choices see down there it says ad settings google whatever all right we got some other ads

uh there he is there’s our gym guy following us again apparently i i own a gym i don’t know i don’t own a

gym obviously it looks like i haven’t been to a gym in 500 years because

it clearly looks like i have not been to a gym but that is targeting that probably because i looked at the site

here’s another ad here and more ads here and you can have multiple ads here’s another one and again say look they’re

like this guy here and this guy actually has a youtube channel he’s got a youtube channel about how to make money but his

ads are stalking me so you want to know how he makes money he makes money by running lots of ads there he is there

here he is here apparently i need to get my gym to be more profitable if in fact

i actually did own a gym but i don’t own a gym so you know to each his own but

this is how it works now you can also take a look because what’s going to happen is

google is going to target sites so they’re actually watching what’s going

on okay so what does mortgage mean you go through and you see like merrim

webster dictionary investopedia and what’s going to happen damn the rates like shot up i don’t know what the fed’s

doing but the rates are a lot higher than they were a couple months ago but when we go to these sites like you’re gonna see that the ads will show up based on

the content nine times out of ten based on the content it’s going to show ads for mortgages again if you remember

how this works with the adsense saying hey here’s something worth not a lot and

here’s something worth a lot we have to understand that same thing with miriam webster or bankrate or whatever it is

these sites are going to have the ads that are going to be focused on mortgages uh build a website some about

vocabulary now this is because they’re geo targeting me based on my stuff but if you were to go in into like an in

private browser or something like that you’ll see how this works okay there’s our gym owners again

he’s coming after me apparently um but you’re gonna look at that and you’re gonna understand how this works okay

very important now here’s some questions we’re gonna go through and then i’ll give you guys a little quick hundred

dollar fast plan again results not typical implied or guaranteed at the end

of this video you’re not gonna start making a hundred dollars a day it takes work even with work there are some

things you got to look at and you got to understand how this stuff works all right now

here’s some questions from reddit number one is adsense a good way to generate revenue absolutely i think it’s

great now you have to remember that with adsense okay it’s driven on one thing and one

thing alone now i’ve been studying ads since i first started my business that’s why i was

successful because i studied ads if i didn’t study ads i wouldn’t be successful and by the way if you want to

learn how i study ads smash a like button and type ads in the comments because i’m going to

start a new series if we get enough enough people interested i literally went and bought like 1500 worth of old

ads on ebay and i’m going to show them to you if you guys are interested so if you’re interested smash the like button

and type ads but here’s the deal you need to understand that adwords and adsense is driven by ads

now here’s the deal if this guy runs an ad in the magazine it’s like how to get a

good night’s sleep well apparently you need to drink your ovaltine that’s a crummy commercial

remember that name the movie if you know that movie but apparently what what’s happening is if that guy’s running ads

and he continues to run ads that means he’s making more money

than he’s spending on ads wow what a concept marcus you’re a

genius you are so smart you’re a genius with a capital j well that’s that’s how it works you run

ads you make more than you get in the ads which means there’s more money out there for your traffic that’s what that

means so i’m going to use adsense and i’m going to use affiliate programs

i’m gonna use clickbank i’m gonna use all these other things but i need to understand first and foremost that this is how it

works okay so is it a good way to generate revenue yes

now this guy says he’s doing research and he says the average earnings is about a dollar for a thousand

impressions all right now i’ve made a lot more than that i’ve made a lot more than that when you

look at a dollar per thousand impressions what does that mean that means if you get 250 000 visitors

to your website on average you’re going to get 250 bucks what marcus are you

kidding me like i’m going to go broke because i ain’t got no 250 000 visitors

so what you’re going to do is you need to understand what i taught you

and in order to do that you’re going to have to watch this training again all right after it’s done

watch it again because there’s some things in here about ads and how to show ads that are

big and they’re very big and you need to understand that what we’re going to do is flip the market i need to take people

from my website about you know um whatever refinance or what i need to

take my my website from maybe how to write a hardship letter

and take them into refinance because hardship letter doesn’t pay much

that’s gonna be this kind of money refinance pays a lot and i’ll tell you i

had a site when i was doing adsense and i was not getting 250 000 impressions a

day i got like not that many and i was making like 1700 a day how was i doing it based on what

i’m showing you again do not buck the system do not do bait and switch do not do anything shady you

don’t have to so is adsense a good way to generate revenue yeah last i checked

google makes billions and billions and billions of dollars so is adsense a good way to generate

revenue yeah it is all right but you got to do it right and you got to look at your subject matter

uh how does google adsense verify your website what they’re going to do is they’re going to give you a code so

if you’re using wordpress like i teach you they give you a code you put it on there and because you’re the website

owner who can put the code on they’re gonna verify it pretty simple okay it’s very easy

it’s a little javascript code you put it on your site boom there you go now how do you show custom google ads on your

site well you’re not gonna do custom ads but your ads are gonna show up based on

the subject matter okay so the subject matter of your site you’re gonna put the code on it’s gonna

do its reverse seo boom it’s gonna show should i add my custom domain to adsense

yeah i would do that if you have your own site again go to start

your first website we have it over here somewhere i wrote it down somewhere on the go we’ll write it again

right you go to go hub site dot com okay go you can set

up a site in 20 minutes put some content start to do it got to look at it got to make it work glenn says but marcus shady

is all i know well don’t do shady stuff here we teach you legit good stuff all right very important

so we’re gonna look at that um so i would get your own website get your own stuff do the work people who do the work

get the results plain and simple you got to do the right work which is

why you need to subscribe to my channel and watch every video i put out because it’s going to get you closer to where

you want to go next up um youtube income versus blog income

well you know what this question

is about traffic okay it’s not about income it’s about traffic because here’s the deal

on youtube you are paid by people viewing ads on your blog you are paid by people

clicking ads simple okay now on your youtube can you get

more views faster if you can you can make more money again

don’t do shady stuff people all make robot videos with robot words all right you can’t monetize robot words

it doesn’t like you so if you’re like i don’t want people to hear my voice well get over it or get someone who you can

pay to do their voice it’s not that hard my voice is annoying but i make lots of money with it for some reason i don’t

know all right so can you get more views quicker with video or with google

that’s the question it’s not the question of which makes more there are people making more with blogs than video

there are people making more with video than blogs you have to understand how it works now here’s what i would do

what i would do is i go to i’d make a website

and then i would make a youtube channel and i would start making my content

as videos and blog posts you want to really make money do this this is what i do i got and i got my youtube channel and so i go through and i’m like hey i’m going to make content

for both and i make this work that way i can double dip double dip and

i’m going to promote other stuff right there’s a lady right now who makes

food from the great depression era she’s like i’m the great depression cook and she makes a living

there you go make it very simple and we’re going to make this work and we’re going to go and we’re going to do it the right way we’re

going to set it up the right way if you don’t have a hundred bucks to set it up the right way go do something and make 100 bucks and set it up the right way

what did i do when i first started i didn’t have money so i set websites up for people so that i could learn i made

that money i took that money i’ve got my domain name into my website back then i had to pay 70

to get a domain name you only got to pay eight today actually if you go to you get it free

they give you a domain free when you get hosting right do what you got to do

work like you mean it you want to make 100 a year work like you want to make 100

grand a year do the stuff put the good content out there guys penny hoarder started

other blog started last i heard there was a blog over in tampa it got sold for

100 million dollars what did he do that you can’t do are you gonna make 100 million yeah

probably not i can guarantee most people listening are not gonna make a hundred

million bucks but can you make a living yeah hundreds of thousands millions of

people are making a living with this stuff you got to understand that it’s about picking the niche

and going for it and making it work and learning and adapting and growing

very important that’s why our blog profit network course is so valuable because you sign up we help you

get a niche right and you show up every week and you ask questions you know why didn’t this right hey this ain’t making as much as i

thought and i’m there answering your questions every week now if you want to do this the fast way you go to i’ll literally pick your niche i’ll literally get your domain name we’ll set

it up for you and we’ll walk you through the process we’ll get you some content we’ll make it work and we’ll help you right we help you

every step of the way is it guaranteed of course not but we have to look at that and understand now

if i wanted to make a hundred dollars a day on adsense here’s what i would do

first i’d go to all right and first i would choose a niche

niche okay i’m gonna choose a niche that has the money in it

all right if i go out there and i’m like okay you know let’s see we’re gonna go for

goldfish all right and i’m gonna go gold fish

i’m gonna type it in is that two words or one i don’t know let’s take a look so if i went for goldfish i could see

common goldfish types of goldfish doesn’t make much money

there’s not a lot of advertisers all right if i go to my ahrefs keyword tool

over here or whatever keyword tool i fancy i could go here

and i could do keywords explorer and i could do goldfish

boom all right so the word goldfish gets approximately

16 000 searches a month we got goldfish school goldfish crackers

that ain’t stuff we want let’s do goldfish um care how to take care of a goldfish

okay so if i went here i could see goldfish care about 3 500.

all right so what i have to do is i have to look at this i say if i make a site about goldfish care

i got 3500 visitors a month all right using that number of a dollar

per thousand that’s going to make me 35 bucks a month a rule of thumb

is it guaranteed of course not nothing in life is guaranteed welcome to the real world

it’s time to grow up and look at this the real way all right so that’s that’s what we’re looking at so if i say i want

to make 100 bucks a day is that going to fit or do i need another niche well maybe i

could find some goldfish care books and make a little bit more but all in all

that might not be the path however maybe i could do something like fish

care okay fish care yeah we got a little bit more betta fish care 14 000

okay now we’re getting somewhere yeah we got betta fish b-e-t-t-a i gotta spell it out betta

fish all right now we’re looking at hundred and twenty thousand cool so we got a hundred and twenty

thousand all right which according to their rule of thumb is going to be

a buck per thousand that’d be 120 a month okay so to get to a hundred

hundred dollars a day we’re gonna need some books we’re gonna need some courses

and we’re gonna need um maybe petco or whatever it is okay so can i get to it with this

traffic yeah i think in this market i probably could

okay is it guaranteed of course not do i think i could make it yeah i think so and and i’ll show you

why i think this okay so um betta fish betta fish beetle fish all

right we got uh high competition we got tanks we got uh prices

we got care yeah i think with all the stuff in this niche

i could probably make a hundred dollars a day does everyone get that type of 100 bucks if you get it okay is it guaranteed of

course not nothing’s guaranteed but we could go through and we could go to the old youtube and we could see that people

are making videos about betta fish okay apparently i i suck at fish tanks

what does that even mean but hey look here’s some ads this is google adsense here’s some other ads so there are a lot

of people making videos and they’re getting a lot of views so this is a big market can can this

market warrant a hundred dollars a day if done right absolutely absolutely not even a question i could

probably do more than that um but i i think that can work right does everyone get that

and then when you guys watch my video on the ol um or my my training on the

100 adsense niches which we’re going to have in blog profit network i think it’s going to make even more sense to you

but that’s what i would do so first and foremost what i would do is i would pick my niche and i would go

to okay then

after i go to go hub

site dot com

what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna get a domain name either an expired domain or maybe an auction domain

or maybe maybe even try something on flippa okay fastest way what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna set that

site up i’m going to get something like betta or whatever okay that

sounds for something else but we’ll call it the all right and i’m going

to set that site up i’m going to get some content i’m going to turn that content into video i’m going to put those videos on

my site i’m going to find some affiliate offers over on clickbank uh they have some betta fish guides i’ve actually

ladies and gentlemen marcus how do you know this is going to make money well i

actually had a betta fish site and i made money with it so i know from personal it’s uh what was

it on um on some movie billy madison i know from

experience now you don’t well a guy i know right i actually know the snitch from experience i’ve actually

gone out there and done it so we have to look at it and we have to make it work in a really simple way um someone says i

want to make a hundred dollars per second in passive income well that’s gonna be a lot of money that’s like a

hundred times sixty thousand a day so i don’t know

are there people that make that much there are does it take a lot of work it does but hey i’m going to start here

and what i’m going to do is i’m going to go down the list i’m going to do my keyword research

and i’m going to find the betta fish stuff and i’m going to go for the no competition stuff first how often to

feed the betta fish how often to you know do whatever and so we have to look at that and

understand exactly what’s going on so i’ll go and i’ll do competition five or less and let’s start going for the easy stuff

here do beta fish need a heater um petsmart betta fish behavior a pregnant

betta fish glow bait a glowing betta fish i think they might have a problem with that one there you might need to

take that to the old beta fish doctor and lots and lots and lots and lots of stuff look at all this traffic here

slow and steady wins the race i’m gonna build this i’m gonna make it work all right uh ernest mark says how many

posts do you need on a new website until you get 120 000 visitors monthly well um

some of them will do really good so you have to look at and say okay well maybe we’re going to do like betta fish care

okay and we look at this and we say okay betta fish care maybe we’ll take a look at this so fish keeping advice or betta there we go that’ll be a good one we could go here and what you’re gonna see

is that these sites they’re gonna have a couple words that are driving all the money and that’s how

it’s going to look when you go here and you look at the keywords there’s going to be the word betta fish getting them

ten thousand searches a month three thousand care this is where it’s at all his money is

in the top words now the other ones will also drive the engine but theoretically so he said how many posts

do i need to get 120 000 visitors monthly well this guy one two

it’s like two posts here and it’s getting the bulk of the traffic so some are gonna do really good

some are not but we gotta understand then what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna go through and i’m

gonna be like okay i’m gonna do the content i’m gonna watch

and i’m going to grow that’s what i’m going to do watch and grow watch and grow build go through

make it work very simple okay that’s what we want to do now if you want to shortcut the process check out it comes with a year of support comes with tuesday morning and tuesday

afternoon calls comes with all kinds of stuff domain all kinds of stuff if you want the betta fish niche betta fish

better fish whatever tell us you want that one and i’ll get your domain in that or if you want an inexpensive way

you can go to someone asked how do i talk to you you go to you hop on

the tuesday call and you ask me your question there you go pretty cool that’s how it works that’s how you get

approved for adsense that’s how you make this work you’re going to go through and you’re going to get the content about

the traffic make it work make it happen

follow the directions go to do it the right way build your plan get your content

grow build smash a like button subscribe watch the other videos in the

description that are going to talk to you about even more stuff

about adsense thanks for watching we’ll see you guys next week