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Affiliate Marketing Solutions

Affiliate Marketing Solutions

The Facts Without The Hype

Affiliate Marketing Solutions

Affiliate Marketing Overview

Affiliate Marketing encompasses a number of different business models – some of them are listed below. But first some background for the beginner or the “Newbie” (as they are called in this internet marketing business). 

The reality is that there is a lot of technology to learn if you are serious about succeeding in this business. The best way to do this is to learn as you go, and also, hopefully make some money while you are doing this.

There are various programs available allowing you to start as an affiliate marketer with a ready made system with all templates, sales pages, etc.  ready to download.

These programs (should) have detailed instructions explaining what to do with all the files which you will download in a zip file. Otherwise the files will just remain on your hard drive – unused because it can be very intimidating to the newbie marketer.

Affiliate Marketing – eCommerce

For further info:  Online eCommerce Store 

If you don’t have your own products then market products for just about any company you can imagine for a commission. 

Affiliate Marketing – As An Affiliate

This involves marketing products for a Super Affiliate for a percentage of the profit (paid as a commission usually into your paypal account). The benefits is that you don’t need to produce your own products with all the graphic design work, testing, and so on. You market a ready-made information or software product, usually along with marketing tutorials and in some cases – one on one personal help. As your learn the business and acquire skills you can keep an eye on eventually being able to become a Super Affiliate. 

Affiliate Marketing – As A Super Affiliate

This is not something you can just step into unless you have a lot of experience as an affiliate.

A Super Affiliate has a number of affiliates helping them promote products (usually those of the Super Affiliate) for a percentage of the total profit. This would be referred to as a commission. The Super Affiliate has built a large list of people (mostly affiliates) that have opted in (through an auto responder system) to receive emails with free information and offers to purchase various items. The Super Affiliate also markets through listing on a number of sites such as Click Bank, Commission Junction, Warrior Forum, and others.

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