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Standing Up Against The Thugs At The IRS

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Posted by DBOLLC, Fri 16 Feb, 2012 08;21AM  EDT

Sanding Up Against The IRS

It is imperative that you as a small business owner keep up with what the federal government has planned for you. More and more it is apparent that this Obama administration has decided to just go around any restrictions that might be imposed by Congress.

This latest ploy really shows the real fundamental plan – which is to put so much control on the small to medium business environment that ultimately you will have no control over your business and will be totally at the whim of the federal government.

Early in 2010, I wrote about a reprehensible IRS plan to create a cartel in the tax preparation industry, which would screw small firms and entrepreneurs to help line the pockets of big companies such as H&R Block.

And, earlier this year, I specifically criticized the IRS Commissioner for moving ahead with this scheme, which I also suspect is motivated by a desire on the part of the IRS to have a group of captive tax preparers who will be timid about protecting the interests of taxpayers.

With thuggish moves like that, no wonder the IRS wants to flush $15 million of our tax dollars down the toilet in a futile effort to improve its public image.

But there is some good news. The Institute for Justice has filed suit against the IRS for its disgusting behavior. This video explains.

One point from the video that should be emphasized is that the IRS is taking this step without any congressional authorization or instruction. But if you read this link about an IRS regulation that would force American banks to put foreign law above US law, you’ll know that the tax agency is capable of rogue behavior.

By the way, the Institute for Justice is a great organization that effectively fights for individual rights. Check out this IJ video on asset forfeiture laws (which basically enable stealing by the government).

And since we’re on the topic of theft by government, this IJ video on property rights, eminent domain, and the Kelo decision also is very much worth watching.