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Glenn Beck On Fed Foreign Loan Failure

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Glenn Beck On Fed Foreign Loan Failure

Is It A 2008 Replay?

What the Global Banking System and the Federal Reserve don’t want you to know.

Glenn Beck On Fed Foreign Loan Failure
Glenn Beck On Fed Foreign Loan Failure
Mike Lee
Ted Cruz actually said 2 years ago….. “please help us god if the Democrats learn what comes after Trillion” Well… they learned. it’s called Quadrillion.
Thank you Glenn for researching this catastrophe, the realization is overwhelmingly astonishing!
Andrew Quinn
I’m sick of working like a dog and paying taxes so the banks can get bailed out.
Rob the Wayward Woodworker
We live our simple little lives, not having any idea what is happening around us and who is doing it and why. It’s rather depressing.
You know what we call the Trump years now? The good old days.
Diane Bonner
I’m fed up with these elitists and their impact on my life. Revolution!
“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” — Henry Ford
Trump won
Destruction is the goal not a side effect
Jay Sargos
“Let’s just spend a quadrillion dollars that we don’t have!”-Humanity.
Why is there no audits done on any of the funds passed by congress and the fed!! Its about 50 years past time for accountability.
Rosemary Murphy
I’m speechless! 😳 Thanks Glen for sharing with us! Makes me want to cry, for the depth of evil in our nation and the whole world!! God is letting this wicked world implode, for turning their backs on him & his Wisdom, standards of Holiness, moral integrity!! AMERICA IS TOAST!! SHE’S NEVER COMING BACK!! Deuteronomy 8:20 Isaiah 60:12 Jeremiah 12:17 Proverbs 14:34 Psalm 9:17

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Glenn Beck On Fed Foreign Loan Failure


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now let me talk to you a little bit
about something that came up over the
weekend and I have been trying to figure
it out and talk to some experts it took
me a couple of days to get get to a
place to where I could really explain it
to you uh one of the things that’s
happening in the market is you’ve got
two big Banks Deutsche Bank and uh
Credit Suisse that are about to default
or at least it looks like it
let me take you back in history back in
March 2020 right at the dawn of the
covid-19 panic some interesting things
happened on Wall Street March 9th the
Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 2 000
points that’s more than a ten percent
crash in a single day at the time it was
one of the largest single day declines
in the U.S history of uh of stocks more
than 1.8 trillion dollars was wiped out
from the U.S pensions and retirement
funds in a single day
March 10th the very next day the Federal
Reserve began making Emergency Loans to
what were considered to be
systematically important banks that is
banks that are just too big to fail now
it’s important to remember
that we didn’t learn about these
Emergency Loans made during March of
2020 just as the who in the CDC were
declaring a pandemic we didn’t learn
about those loans until two years later
because the FED isn’t they’re no longer
required to tell you who they’re making
loans to or for how much until two full
years after it makes the loans
so they say that’s not to make sure that
nobody is panicking well investors if
they knew in real time these Banks
needed cash it would cause a run on the
banks so for example on March 9th the
Dow lost 2 000 points and more than 10
percent of its value so on March 10th
and we know this now because two years
have passed the U.S federal reserve made
112 billion dollars in emergency loans
to 24 Banks stocks rebounded slightly
but then the first deaths started being
reported from covid at retirement homes
Trump canceled the international travel
and within a couple of days stocks were
down another 1500 points shedding four
trillion dollars in wealth from the
portfolios of Americans in just a couple
of days
for its part the FED continued lending
Distributing a total of one trillion
dollars one trillion dollars in
emergency loans to banks in just a six
day period remember this is two weeks
into the pandemic well before businesses
were shut down
at this point
all that had really happened to the
economy was that stocks you know the
forward-looking investment vehicle were
declining but this was enough for the
FED to print one trillion dollars in new
currency and Loan it out to the banks
considered too big to fail not just our
banks no no not just the U.S banks some
of the largest borrowers in the past 20
years from Emergency Loans from our
Federal Reserve have been foreign Banks
and investment firms
uh nomura Securities out of Japan BNC
paribus the French Bank Barclays Bank
out of the UK all of these are the
largest borrowers from the Fed
was the largest Swiss Bank Credit Suisse
the largest Swiss Bank Credit Suisse
were they on that list oh yeah just in
six days from March 10th to March 16
2020 Credit Suisse requested and was
granted 50 billion dollars in emergency
loans more than seven percent of the
total that the FED had loaned to 24
but that was covid right
now it may seem odd that the Central
Bank of the United States needed to loan
the largest Swiss bank 50 billion
dollars in just a few days don’t they
have their own Central Bank
but let’s just chalk it up to yet
another covid emergency we had to do
something we had to bail out the largest
banks in Japan Switzerland UK France I
mean it was a pandemic so now fast
forward to 2022. all those Banks got
their covid bailout in January 2022 the
Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new
all-time high so clearly the bailouts
worked and the banks made all this money
the banks were able to recover and get
past the pandemic right I mean those
trillions in loans to Banks skyrocketed
inflation and uh you know added to the
currency circulation and inflation is
defined by you know too much currency
too much money chasing too few goods but
we saved the banks right we restored the
stock market and set ourselves out to a
record a record uh recovery
well yesterday Credit Suisse flagged as
the two big fail Bank by the U.S federal
reserve their stock hit an all-time low
they shed more than 65 percent of its
value losing 20 percent of its value in
one day
worse investors are effectively betting
now that credit Suite Swiss the credits
Swiss will go belly up next year
we know this because of I hate to bring
this word up credit default swaps
not going to get you know I’m not going
to get all big short on you but this is
when you have the bonds and you think uh
oh I think we might lose the bank might
go out I buy an insurance policy
okay credit default and I swap I swap
what I’m holding I give it to you and I
get the insurance money okay credit
default swaps it’s a way to bet on the
it’s horrible but now thirty percent it
went up these the price to Insurance to
ensure went up 25
yesterday thirty percent of people are
now betting that Credit Suisse is going
to collapse
so what’s going on why would it collapse
I’m not going to go into all of this
stuff I just need you to understand the
big points and you will understand this
this will take your breath away
again remember we all talked about
credit to fault swaps and derivatives
oh derivatives oh that’s horrible
without getting into all of that
remember when we said
that the global delivery derivatives
market after 2008. started going back up
and it surpassed what happened in 2008
and the global derivatives Market was
about a hundred trillion dollars and
we’re like a hundred trillion dollars
that’s horrible and we raised the alarm
they haven’t learned anything in fact
it’s gotten worse then it Rose to 500
trillion dollars just a couple of years
ago and we raised the alarm again
any idea
where the derivatives Market is right
now after two years of pandemic two
years of Biden inflation and after
stocks have lost 20 percent of their
value since January
where’s the derivative Market
quadrillion dollars
No Way Out
one quadrillion that’s 1
000 trillion dollars
though that’s what’s held by the 24
largest banks in the world
1 000 trillion dollars
you haven’t even begun to feel the pain
of what these people have done
have been around since the 1920s but we
have gone insane
now last year when a private wealth fund
defaulted it cost the global Banks more
than 11 billion dollars in derivatives
losses more than 5 billion was absorbed
by Credit Suisse bank that’s nearly half
the global losses of one firm
that just had 11 billion where we have
one quadrillion
if I’m you
I could easily say it’s a you know
German bank or Swiss bank and it’s not
my problem
but it is your problem because it is
your dollar your currency
provided by your Federal Reserve why are
there not people standing in front of
the Federal Reserve
demanding answers and holding signs up
one quadrillion dollars
where does inflation come from
you think it’s all government spending
collectively since the FED started
emergency lending operations in
September of 2019 and note for you
conspiracy theorists out there September
of 2019 was five full months before
there was a single positive covid case
in the U.S and we were talking about it
in September of 2019. the foreign banks
have collectively borrowed six trillion
dollars from the Federal Reserve
now here’s the funny thing
six trillion dollars has already gone
out one quadrillion dollars
if the Federal Reserve decides to lend
Credit Suisse another 500 billion
dollars today or tomorrow to bail itself
out of whatever mess it’s in
the one who’s actually paying for this
you won’t know for another two years
because under Dodd-Frank you know the
one that was going to fix everything the
fed’s reporting requirements
now allow for a two-year DeLay So if we
are bailing out Germany and Switzerland
make sure you tune into this show on
October 4th 2024.
to find out what it cost you