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Get Rich In 2023 With AI Revolution

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Get Rich In 2023 With AI Revolution

It's Here Like It Or Not So Profit From It

Our thanks to Mark Moss for creating this very enlightening video. In it he points out, rather than fear the new AI revolution, learn it, and profit with it.

Get Rich In 2023 With AI Revolution
Get Rich In 2023 With AI Revolution

Get Rich In 2023 With AI Revolution


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how to get rich in 2023 in the brand new
AI Revolution now the AI artificial
Revolution just made its way into the
public and it’s changing things really
fast now when new trends and
Technologies develop the early adopters
have the biggest advantage and this new
AI Revolution is going to be massive now
if you follow my work you already know
that I talk about technological
revolutions being different than just
new technologies in which they change
the course of humanity and they drive
financial markets and what we just
witnessed less than 60 days ago is that
big so in this video I want to
ultimately show you how to move fast and
capitalize on this new technology to 10x
how much money you make rather than
being afraid of it and just wishing it
would go away we’re going to look at
what it is more importantly what it can
do so you can finish this video with
great ideas we’re also going to look at
potential fears and why I think they’re
overblown how to use this new technology
properly to get the best results because
it seems that most people are getting it
wrong and how you can start using this
new AI technology and the revolution to
10x your income your productivity and
your life so let’s go
all right welcome back if you’re new to
the channel my name is Mark moss and I
make these videos to change the way you
think about money because the world’s
changing fast and the old rules for
creating and investing have changed and
you need to change with them and I get
it I get it the world’s scary the future
seems to be more uncertain than any time
I’ve seen in my life and many feel
helpless and hopeless and even but we’re
not victims we can design and live the
life we want if we just learn to live
intentionally with purpose and continue
to learn and to grow so let’s jump right
into how we can get rich in 2023 in this
brand new AI Revolution okay so the
first thing what is this chat gbt right
GPT stands for generative pre-trained
Transformer which is basically a program
that can realistically write like a
human GPT essentially searches a massive
amount of written text by reading
millions of Articles and books online
and then produces work work that has
perfect grammar Correct punctuation and
no spelling mistakes it was just
released November 30th 2022 and its user
base is growing fast in fact it’s the
fastest growth in adoption seen by a new
software or technology in history now I
want to just focus on chat GPT so we can
discuss how to use it and increase your
money and improve your life with this
amazing tool but it’s worth mentioning
that chat GPT was released by open AI
which is an AI research lab out of San
Francisco it was founded by Elon Musk
and has received over 100 million of
investment capital from the Silicon
Valley heavyweights including Sequoia
Capital Anderson Horowitz tiger Global
the Y combinator and even Microsoft and
Microsoft doesn’t just want a small
piece just yesterday they made an offer
to invest another 10 billion into open
AI giving the company a staggering 29
billion dollar valuation and would see
Microsoft end up owning and controlling
a 49 stake now not sure how I feel about
this for reasons that we’ll get into
later but leave me a comment and let me
know what you think oh and while you’re
at it you can click that like button and
let me know if you like these research
videos so and hit that subscribe button
while you’re at it so you see more
videos when I put them out one more
thing to mention about open AI is that
chat GPT is just one of many
applications of this open AI they’ve
also have an image generator called
Dolly which the very popular lens AI was
built on we’ll get back more on that
later now let’s talk about the fun stuff
and get some ideas going because this is
where the money and the productivity
gains are made now with the simple chat
interface you can talk to the AI just
like you would a friend in normal
English and you can ask it to do almost
anything like creating images Graphics
videos computer code all types of
writing including research article sales
copy advertisements study guides and yes
even entire books but that’s only the
beginning it can also solve complex
problems like reviewing code and
suggesting or making changes a user on
Twitter posted that chat gbt saved him
hours of spreadsheet work by writing a
complex sorting script Way Beyond his
ability he explained to him how it
worked and even helped him deploy it wow
and and even more surprising this user
said that it was like having a long chat
with an Excel expert who is eager to
help he started with the quote help me
write a script in Google Sheets then he
just started describing the data and
everything that he wanted to do and when
something didn’t work he’d feed back the
code to make it work ask what changes
needed to do you know X whatever he
wanted to do and it just walked him
through it and did the changes and it’s
the same with code and the same with
copy and you can quickly see this is
going to disrupt everything that’s What
technological revolutions do they change
the course of humanity think Industrial
Revolution one machine took the work of
5 000 men or think steam engines or
automobiles yes it’s that big we will
see disruption in the very nature of
work how businesses work how the economy
works the new technological Revolution
and the massive change in disruption
that it creates is both good and bad
it’s not just good it’s great it’s
amazing for those that jump onto it
early learn how to use it and harness it
and it’s bad for those that choose to be
lazy and ignore it now before I lay out
some ideas and show you how you can 10x
your income and productivity with
specific ideas and even some templates
let’s look at some of the risks that it
potentially poses and some of the big
fears that people people already have
okay so people fear change and as I said
before some people should the lazy
uninitiated who ignore this will be
harmed right they’re going to be
downsized minimized and replaced this is
what tools do they allow us to be more
efficient and effective but it also
diminishes the roles and needs of others
in many cases this is part of what is
referred to as creative destruction in
which new technology is the creation
replace the old ways destruction now
this is nothing new this has happened
since the dawn of time and every new
technology that has come out has
replaced some human element and people
are always scared in the industrial
revolution a machine replaced the
Manpower 5000 men what would those men
do well higher value tasks of course
things like you know science medicine
philosophy right a story of the famous
economist Milton Friedman gives us a
good perspective on this where in the
story he tells of a trip he went went on
to Asia in the 1960s and he visited a
work site where a canal was being built
when he saw the construction he was
shocked to see that there was no modern
equipment there’s no tractors there’s no
Earth movers there was just men there
with picks and shovels when he asked the
government bureaucrat why he was told
you don’t understand this is a jobs
program to which Milton Friedman replied
Oh I thought you were trying to build a
canal if it’s jobs you want then you
should give these workers spoons not
shovels so look people are always afraid
that technology replace them people are
afraid that AI will replace the
workforce just like every new piece of
technology before it but some jobs they
will be destroyed just as others will be
added but rather than being afraid of it
you need to learn to harness it and use
it to your advantage so let’s look at
some examples of what it is and how you
can use it now using open ai’s Dolly
which isn’t the same as chat gbt
interface but it’s essentially the same
thing we can create images graphics and
of course graphic design need thumbnails
for social media posts or YouTube videos
need a header an avatar an emoji well
simply tap type into the chat interface
what you want like say 3D render a
floating futuristic Castle in a clear
sky digital art and boom or how about a
KTM motorcycle in a narrow cyberpunk
street photography
boom and then you can tweak it you can
ask it to make it lighter or darker or
add this object or how about give me 10
variations of that all right now let
your imagination run wild but let’s say
that you need Graphics you can design
your own you know saving you lots of
money and time hiring somebody so you
can make more money by Saving and you
become more productive or let’s say that
you want to offer Graphic Design
Services to others like on Fiverr or
upwork now you can use a tool like this
to do it fast and effective making more
money efficiently but that’s just
scratching the surface I’ll come back to
better ways to do this but let’s jump
back to chat gbt for a minute all right
so chat gbt is amazing at doing writing
now some of you watching might have
already tried it and gotten back
mediocre average results and you’re like
come on Mark it’s certainly not amazing
but don’t worry I’m going to explain
this with some tips in a minute but back
to the writing okay so you can use this
tool to write all types of things blog
posts article social media posts on all
types of things like how to travel to
South Asian countries while Couchsurfing
or the five most important things to
consider when launching a plumbing
business or how to increase
communication with my child by asking
open-ended questions and then you can
ask it to take these articles or blog
posts and then make them shorter make
them longer make them funny optimistic
pessimistic or whatever you can ask it
to write them in an Old English tone or
written by Donald Trump or rewrite it
like Tupac wrote it and it can instantly
rewrite them next you can ask it to make
them shorter turn them into tweet
threads social media posts or even ads
for Facebook you could then ask it to
turn them into a single email or an
email series and even at a sales leaning
message with a call to action at the end
now let’s say that I have a business
helping people how to use chat GPT and
and I wanted to use it to create all my
marketing materials now here’s a very
short and rough example of how I could
do it okay so first I would need to know
who am I going after and what their
desires are so I’d type in something
like make a list of the top three
benefits a business would receive by
having compelling and high converting
content and copy to attract more clients
and boom I’d get a list of angles to go
after these businesses then I would need
some articles to send out to my
prospective clients swatel chat gbt
something like create a 500 a word
article explaining the problems
businesses face when they don’t have
enough customers and introduce the
perfect solution being having high
converting articles and content to
attract the perfect customer and boom
I’d have the article okay then I need
emails to send to these prospective
clients so I would say take this article
and create three different 150 word
emails presenting short version of the
problem in solution and ask the reader
to take action by reading the rest of
the article and boom I’d have the email
then I need ads to run on social to my
target audience so I could ask chat GPT
to find my ideal Avatar and audience and
then I could ask it to take this article
and email and turn it into short hooks
for ads
and then to give me variations now you
can see how I could create an entire
business model and all my marketing
materials quickly I could do it in hours
not months without hiring all the
experts and spending tens of thousands
of dollars now I normally talk about
investing so how about that now you
could ask it questions like what
economic period in history had high
inflation High government debt and fall
in stock and bond markets and what was
the best investment strategy for that
or I could say what is the safest mix of
assets to hold in periods of stagflation
for retired people on fixed incomes and
boom I get investment ideas okay now
there you have some ideas of how to use
it now let’s talk about some warnings
and then I’m going to drop some even
better ideas that are very actionable
for you now I mentioned above that you
can get amazing results and many of you
think I’m crazy so let me give you a
lesson on this for a minute now there’s
a saying I use all the time my team’s
probably sick of it by now but it is
that I say methods are few but
principles are many and what that means
is the principles that drive results
they’re few but there are millions of
methods to deploy them the principle of
Building Wealth and having a great
retirement is to live on less than you
earn save and invest that’s the only way
it’s the only principle but there’s
millions of ways to earn to save to
invest Etc and all of life the sum of
your life the quality of your life is
always going to come down to the
questions you ask yourself and others
and the quality of the results you
receive from chat gbt will come down to
the quality of questions so you need to
learn to ask better questions chat gbt
and AI is just a tool and it comes down
to how well can you use it for example I
never used to carry Tools in my boat
because I didn’t know how to use them
but after breaking down my wife bought
me a set and made me carry him even
though I didn’t even know how to use
them she argued that someone else could
at least stop by and help us if we had
the tools right so tools like AI will
make smart people smarter productive
people more productive but it’s going to
eliminate the not so smart and the Not
So productive and it’s certainly the
to learn and adapt now the example I
gave above of creating a business and a
marketing plan depended on me already
having the creativity to even have the
idea of creating a business with this
tool it also depended on me having the
structure of how to Market to a business
like first find their desires then relay
the benefits then write articles Etc
right and of course then you have to
know how to ask the questions to get the
results okay so how can you 10x your
income and make millions of dollars now
I’ve already given you some examples you
can replace an army of writers
researchers and assistants with just the
AI that will increase your income you
can then take on 10 times the amount of
work with the reduced staff load and
this will 10x your income you can start
any number of service-based businesses
as I suggested doing research writing
copy doing SEO doing graphic design Etc
you can scale these fast and offer to
more clients easily 10x your income but
what about making millions or even
billions of dollars you want to know how
to do that okay here you go
have an imagination be creative
seriously that’s it most people do not
have it so you have to be creative and
use your imagination and then help
others use the tool
now still don’t get it let me feed it to
you open AI Can Do Anything images
Graphics texts copy code research Etc it
can do so much that most people are
stuck wondering what they should do with
it all right let me give you an example
here Lindsay AI launched an app built
off open ai’s Dolly with just one single
very narrow and specific use case it was
so simple they built an app that
interfaced into open AI using their apis
then they allow a user to upload an
image of themselves and get back 50 AI
generated avatars for like 10 bucks
alright now the user could go to Dolly
and they could do it for themselves for
free but the user has no creativity or
no imagination and didn’t even think
about creating an avatar so lensa AI
offered them this option for 10 bucks
and had no cost of fulfillment because
openai did all the work and how did it
work out for lenza AI well they became
the number one app in the app store they
generated over 10 million dollars in
five days and they’re now pushing a
billion dollar valuation now I’ve talked
to some of my friends that make apps and
you can build an app very similar to
lensa AI for about 15 to 20 000 so with
a little bit of creativity
coming up with one very narrow specific
use case and about 15 grand you could
potentially build a billion dollar
valuation what could you do how about an
app for college students that’s a study
buddy where they could input their
course topic or their book and then the
AI could return a list of study
questions or how about a service that
provides a list of prompts to write
certain things like a headline generator
or something you could even have a
service where you have a list of
questions the user fills out and then it
writes an ebook or even an entire book
for them now look the only limit is your
imagination so how will you use it to
make a billion dollars and bigger
question will you cut me in for giving
you the idea the world’s changing fast
and you need to adapt now if you like
this video let me know so I can make
more of them like this leave me a
comment tell me what ideas you have and
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now hopefully you like that I’d love to
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